**Finding some interesting answers**

Even though no dr has ever mentioned migraine associated vertigo, I have recently been reading about it and learning more about it.

So much of what I read makes sense.

One discrepency–one piece I read stated that MAV lasts less than an hour. Attacks I experience last four to eight hours.:frowning:

However, I read elsewhere that each case is different and I have read before that some attacks last eight hours.

Also, as I had thought, the attacks can be unrelated to a migraine headache. The vertigo attacks can occur separately or also have a headache, too.


Vertigo attacks from migraine can last anywhere from minutes to days. Mine usually last for 48-72 hours (2-3 days) but are occasionally shorter.

Have you tried migraine meds yet? Propranlol, amitryptiline, verapamil perhaps?

Also, when they do occur, you can often abort them (or shorten their duration) by taking prochlorperazine (often called stemetil or compazine). Take it as early as possible (preferably as soon as you start spinning). If you don’t mind going to the ER, an IV of this can be particularly effective.


Thank you so much for this information!

I appreciate it so much.