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First appt with Dr Surenthiran

Hello everyone,

I just had my first private appointment with Dr Surenthiran. He was amazing. I had to have a telephone appointment as I am too unwell to travel, so I was a bit nervous that he wouldn’t be able to help but he did! I am so grateful for this forum and everyone here as I wouldn’t have known about him.

He diagnosed MAV and has given me a treatment plan of diet, supplements and medication.

You may have seen that I am extremely fearful of medication in my previous posts. I discussed this with Dr S and he reassured me. I feel a lot more confident about it now that I have a diagnosis. He is starting me on nortriptyline :slight_smile:

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here and mark this as a fresh start to my healing. Time to start getting better. I know it will take time and may not be easy but feeling more hopeful. :slight_smile:


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