First attack

Hello. I think I had my first experience with what may be MAV? A few days ago I started feeling dizzy at work. After a few hours the dizzyness got worse and I was nauseous as well. The room was spinning, I couldn’t balance, etc. I vomitted several times in the first 24 hours, then the nausea subsided. It’s been four days now and I’m still feeling dizzy. It’s not as bad now and I’m functioning more, though would not be able to drive yet.

I’ve only had two prior migraine experiences. They were both ocular only, vision problems and slight nausea. Neither was too bad so I didn’t see a doctor. The first was about a year ago and the second only a few weeks ago, both followed stressful periods. When the dizzyness started I thought it was another migraine coming. Not sure why but it just felt similar to the other two.

From what I’ve found online this sounds consistent with MAV. Would you agree? I’m mostly intersted in knowing how long the symptoms may last and if there’s anything treatments without major side effects?

I’d advise you see a physician: this could be consistent with many possible problems: an inner ear virus, migraine, meniere’s–lots of different possiblities. Even BPPV could be a component, but that’s usually more limited in scope.
My concern is that this is a sudden change for you. Maybe it will be diagnosed as migraine associated vertigo–but a physician should evaluate and treat you.
In my experience, many neurologists remain ignorant or dismissive of migraine associated vertigo, while quite a number of ENT’s are well aware of it.
But, before you can be diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo, and treated, you need some sort of evaluation and diagnosis.
I hope you’re feeling better.