First day of effexor and SO dizzy!

Hi To all the nice people that have sent me messages. I am on 180 mg verapamil and have been for two months. I took my first effexor 37mg this afternoon. Dr. never said it would make me very dizzy and have a headache, not migraine headach, just dull but I never have a headahe usually. I am always dizzy, but since that effexor, I am WAY more dizzy and feel a bit sick. The Dr. wanted me to have my verapamil and effexor plus anax as needed ( my cocktail) but I cannot believe how much worse I feel now.after taking the effexor. Anyone have this happen? Are these side affects normal and do they go away, because I could not stay on this, if this extreme dizziness is going to be the norm with effexor.

First of all, are you on generic or brand effexor? If brand, and they are capsules, dump out 1/3. Dr. Hain and others tend to ease into the 37.5 dose.
The suggested titration is 1/3 caPsule first week, 2/3 the second week, and then the full 37.5 after that.
That us per dr. Hain who loves effexor and says he gets great results with it.

I was going to ask the same question as Kelley. The pharmacist actually told me, if you are going to try Effexor choose the Brand Name.
As her personal experience and pt’s as well, the generic is not the same. All the horror stories you read/hear are from the generic.
Usually generic’s are fine, but not with Effexor. I have no experience with Effexor. Im just repeating exactly what the pharmacist told me. :slight_smile: