First dose of Topamax

Almost Time to take my first dose of Topamax…25 mg at bedtime… I’m NERVOUS… Why do we drug sensitive people have to take so many drugs?? Saw Dr Adkins at Duke yesterday and she wants me to increase 25 mg every week or every other week (whatever I can tolerate) and max out at 100 mg … Any Topamax users… I need your good words!! Thanks! Dee :?

Hi there,
How did it go? Im very very sensitive on meds. I took 25mg of Topamax for 3 weeks. ( I dont know WHY the doc left me at only 25 :frowning: )
I was fine on it. Didn’t have any side effects really. A little fuzzy thinking is all. I stopped cold turkey, at another docs advice.
Well… I had 5 days of withdrawl symptoms. So even though it was fine when I was on it, I totally got used to such a small amount.
OHHHH I did have 1 side effect. Gosh, I cried ALL the time. Couldn’t even talk without crying. Found out later, it was from the Topamax/symptom.
And… I slept soooo good on it. :slight_smile:

Hi Dee,

I will be starting 25 mg. of Topamax in a few weeks added in with my 75 mg. of Effexor. I’m interested to see how you are doing on it. I am hoping it take my dizzies away when I am in the car and stores.

Take care and I hope it helps you.


I only lasted the better part of a week on Topamax. My eyes had very bad pressure, and it was rising according to the pressure machine at the Lens Crafters. Also for the first time in my life I started thinking weird thoughts about, “What if a burglar was in my house, which knife would I use to kill him, etc?” Plus very spaced out.

I am now on Celexa/Lexapro and did not have any of those symptoms but have other issues that are less troublesome than the Topamax ones.

But one thing I have learned is that everyone is different. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. I think you should try it and see what happens. It may help, it has surely helped a lot of people here.

Thanks for your replies guys… So far…so good although I have only been on it for two days… Lol!! I will stay on 25 mg for two weeks and titrate slowly up to 100… I do feel the brain fog lifting a bit… Coincidence… Maybe?. Hope not… Also I am taking the brand name and not generic… Tried the generic a year ago and instantly became itchy… Hopefully this will work towards that perfect combo… I will keep you guys posted… I wish you all happy holidays and better health!!

It’s working for me! My doc also gave me permission to go up 25 mg after one week but a doctor friend advised that I wait 2 weeks, which I did with each increase. If you’re sensitive to meds, that’s a better approach.

Yes, everybody is different. There’s no way to know how your body will react, but let’s hope the anti-migraine effects will be ONE of the reactions you’ll have, as it has been with me!

Sometimes side effects can be positive: I’d wanted to give up Pepsi for years, but I was Pepsiholic until Topamax came along and helped me kick the habit - it made fizzy drinks taste icky to me. It doesn’t do that to everybody, but I’m glad it did that to me.

Best of luck, and hang in there - it can be several weeks before you’ll see the benefits, but if this is the medication for you, it can make your life SO much better!

Thanks Mary Alice!! Im keeping my fingers crossed. MY next door neighbor friend/doctor also told e to titrate slowly so I will also wait two weeks … Hope that I do as well as you!! Continued good health to you!!