First full week at work

Today marks my last day of my first full week back to work. I am SO tired! Last night I was ready for bed at 7:30 but knew I couldnt go to bed that early - too much sleep for me is also a trigger! When the alarm went off this morning I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me! The last couple of days I’ve been pretty foggy-headed all day and yesterday had HORRIBLE neck pain which I think was my version of a migraine. It could also be from the 5 straight days of computer work. I try to take frequent breaks but it doesnt seem to help.

How did the rest of you feel after your first week? What do you do to combat “computer head”? My massage therapist says I need to find a job that doesnt involve a computer but not too many do nowadays!

Well done Tamsha! You’re a star for throwing yourself into work like that again. I know how hard that is.

My first week at the new job in April was as you described. I felt like I had won the Indy 500 after surviving week one.

There’s a few things to consider I think:

  1. You’re in a new place with new people - i.e. new environment for your brain to handle
  2. Stress wondering how the hell you’ll cope and wanting to be normal and competent
  3. A new computer screen

Number 1 & 2 should go away as you settle in and 3 too though it may take a 2-3 weeks. I’m currently acclimatising to a new wide screen LCD. I can tolerate it but I have a permanent low level dizziness going on at the moment that I hope my brain will adjust to soon. I know the screen is pushing the buttons but it will be worth it if I can get there.

My motto was “fake it till I make it” when I started. Before you know it, you should be in the swing of it.

Make sure you go for a walk this weekend and get lots of fresh air and stay away from screens if you can.


Well done on surviving your first week back full time! It will get easier with time, and in fact I think quite a few people on here (myself included) have felt that forcing yourself to do things aids a good recovery in the long run, partly by keeping you busy and taking your mind off things, and partly by it being good VRT to be doing a variety of activities.

Like Scott says, I would try to avoid being on a computer too much out of working hours, and keep things varied by doing some exercise, even if it’s just getting out for a walk. I’d also recommend getting away from your office at lunchtime and having some fresh air, even if it’s just a ten or fifteen minute walk.

Congrats on your first full weeK!! I went back on a Thursday after being out on disability for almost 10 wks. I’ve been back full time for about 10 weeks now. Some days bad and some days good. More good than bad now but by the weekend all I do is rest. I stay away from computers, bright lights and crowds. It’s boring but after 40+ hours I can’t seem to get up the enthusiasm or strength for anything else. And not everyone understands this. They think if I can work I can do everything else. Not so. It;s a good thing we have weekends. And I do try and get in some walking and yoga. Working keeps my mind off my MAV. Hang in there and hopefully you will start to feel less tired. Take care,


Good for you! Each day will get a bit better. Just expect to have some minor setbacks, but nothing you can’t handle. I went back in July, and thought I would never make it. Now its almost Nov. and I am still chugging along. Best wishes to you! …and heres to another full week of work!

Hey Tamsha,

I went back to work after feeling pretty good on Amitriptyline…

I was doing 3 hours for the first week, 4 hours the second week, 4hours the 3rd week and so on until I was back up to 8 hours…

It was at 6 hours that I started feeling dodgy. My head was going mental at being sat in a flourscent light office in front of a computer screen for that many hours a day.

I had a relapse. Sorry I know you prob don’t wanna hear this but I guess it’s better to be prepared! Anyways, I went back to my neuro who has put me on Topamax… I think it’s working, but I’m just trying to stick with it and beat the side effects and then go from there. He also told me, well you might want to think about changing careers…

I’m not happy with that though. Im my mind, I can beat this. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to and achieve to be 99% better and continue doing a job I love. We will get there girl, we will.

I’m trying to factor in 5 min breaks every hour in front of the screen… it helps. And make sure you take a full hour lunch break… I am worried how my employer will view me. But we are entitled to those things.