First Neurologist Appointment

Hello everyone! I have very exciting news, my first neurologist appointment is this Tuesday! I was told I would have to wait a year to get in (December 2012) but I got around that with some help from some amazing people.

I was just curious, are there any big specific questions I should ask? What normally happens at your first appointment? Is it easier/less waiting time to get in to see your neurologist now that you are a patient? Should I ask to start trying medication right away?

I just finished reading “Heal Your Headache” and started a migraine journal describing everything that has happened up to this point and I plan to bring the journal with me to the appointment. I also plan to write any questions I have down so that I remember to ask them.

Thank you for your help! :smiley:

Hi Alexi,

If I were you, I’d go in with a very clear history. Put it in dot points chronologically so you don’t forget anything. He/she will either ask you for the dot points to review or will ask you to describe what’s been going on from day 1. Having the dot points will keep you on track and you won’t miss anything.

If you have a migraine history or it runs in the family make sure they know that. Also make sure they note whether or not you experience sound and/ or light sensitivity.

Good luck … Scott 8)

Good luck!

I would start meds right away, especially if you have tried diet modifications already.

Thank you! I have just written out all of my points and questions so I will remember everything, good advice. I don’t have a family history that I know of but get very bad sound and light sensitivity when in a migraine but also to some degree every day.

I have also been trying strict lifestyle and diet modifications for three months. The severity of my attacks have been less (and finding that Relpax helps my pain thank god, but trying hard not to use it often to avoid rebound!!) but I am still being affected by some part of this every day so I think you are right in saying that meds are a good step.

I’m excited to hear what this neurologist has to say, I’ll update with more information tomorrow. :smiley:

The neurologist I saw today was great. She said I was a clear case of migraine and thought I should be easily helped with meds because this hasn’t been going on for too long. She first wanted to try a calcium channel blocker or a beta blocker but opted against that because I have low blood pressure and a history of depression. So, I am starting on 10mg Nortriptyline at bedtime for 3 months and then we will asses from there. If that doesn’t work there is another tricyclic antidepressant she would like me to try, and if that doesn’t work she would like me to try botox injections. I suffer more from the pain than I do dizziness and am not dizzy 24/7 so I think these are good ideas.

Let’s hope the Nortriptyline along with my diet and lifestyle mods does the job! Who else here is on this? Have you been helped by it? How much do you take?

I just wanted to mention that I as well have low bp about 100/60 and am currently up to 180 mg sr verapamil and it hasn’t effected my bp at all. It has hardly any side effects