Floaters anyone?

I’ve recently acquired a large one that is irritating beyond words. Especially when I’m reading or on the computer. Do you find having one exacerbates your MAV symptoms or is it something your brain gets used to and ignores in time? Looking for some reassurance here! :frowning:


Hey Brenda,
I know the feelings you are having.I had a huge one about 2 months ago.It was like black ink spilled in front of my eye.It went away after about 2 weeks.I did go to doc as I had some flashes of light and that can indicate retinal tearing.I didn’t have that but the ink like floater I was seeing was blood the doc said.As we age bits of pieces of the retina come off,usually without a lot of problems.I hope yours goes away too!Getting older is so much fun.

Hi there James, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your post. I know a lot of floaters don’t go away but to hear that yours did is the first bit of positive news I’ve had in a week and it’s made me feel incredibly more upbeat about the whole thing. I had the flashes of light also but thankfully after a dilated eye examination it seems all is well with my retina. I hope my floater goes away too and thank you again for the very much needed reassurance. And how I agree that getting older sucks! :smiley:


I have had them since I was a little kid. Along with a lazy eye that goes 45 degrees outward (and which makes women think that I am checking out all the other women in the vicinity!).

Doctors all say the same thing — just ignore the floaters, don’t think about them, they won’t hurt you. It’s hard but try to forget about them.

My doc said basically at 30, 30% ofpeople will have a floater…at 40, 40% of people and so on…so if we all make it to 100, we will all have them. Mine used to bug the crap out of me but now I would have troubgle trying to find it. You adjust over time. Looking at a blank wall will bring them to the forefront of your mind…I’m guessing our picky brains make more of it for us than other people.


Thanks Longshort, you’re right of course but as with a lot of things it’s easier said than done. You made me smile about your lazy eye though. :smiley:

Kelly, that’s encouraging about adjusting. Thanks. And my brain is definitely more picky than most!