Do most of you all have floaters most of the time and if so what are they like…I do not seem to have them so bad inside but as soon as I go outside when the sun is shinning I have them constantly…they are like little black worms…or as I call them squigglys…

I wonder why I only seem to have them when i am outside …that seems odd to me and it happens everyday when I do go outside…which just make that activity less appealing.

Has the medication helped anyone with these…curious.

I have them all the time, even in my pre-vertigo times. They might be a little worse in the outdoors than in.

I never thought of there being any relationship between those and my vertigo problems though. But I do think they have increased over the last year. I think they are pretty normal amongst those to do not have MAV or anything along that line as they come from debris in the eyes, don’t they? and not due to a neurological problem.

Mine sound like yours - like squiggly wormy things, somewhat transparent. Then seem to float from top to bottom.

I get them too, always have. Nothing to worry about and not related to migraine. Perhaps you’re just noticing them more when you’re migraine-y and extra sensitive?


Mine developed right as my MAV did. I see little black dots floating around and some squiggles. Funny thing is they showed up in one big bunch one day as I was taking my cat to the vets. I distinctly remember swatting in front of my face because I thought they were gnats (bugs)! :lol: They are most noticable when looking a a white background or outside in sunlight. I basicially ignore them, as the other symptoms are way more irritating and troublesome! Oh and btw, they don’t mean you have an eye problem or anything.