Floating Woman-Janet Jackson


Here is the story they wrote about Janet Jackson having MAV…

Thanks for posting this. I wonder if she is taking any preventative meds now


intereresting way they put it floating women’s syndrome.

That’s exactly how i feel these days off and on all day. right now i’m at work and wish i wasn’t cuz i’m very floaty feeling.


I agree… Floating brain… Sums it up!! I’m certain she’s on a preventative… Her livelihood depends on her being well… She prob like most who get better fairly easily… These forums rend to attract people who aren’t getting well and are online looking for answers.

it would be nice someday if there was a definitive test for this - i still don’t know if that’s what i have


Chris – even if there was a definitive test and it came out that you had a migraine-based illness (MAV) which is highly likely given your history, the result would be exactly the same. Lifestyle mods first and then you’d be handed a med if the former didn’t stop the symptoms. As it stands now the test in your case is to trial a migraine med (maybe two or three) and watch the results. I would lay big money on the table that once you wipe out your daily anxiety you will see many of your symptoms vanish. You’ll look back and wonder why you hadn’t taken the plunge a long time ago. I felt this way once I finally took Cipramil.


I’m sure you’re right Scott just hoping the dizziness goes down with the celexa otherwise i’ll have to try something else.


From the article:

“Rauch said, doctors are redefining what it is to have a migraine. Migraine was all about headache, and now we realize the headache is part of the greater spectrum. The modern migraine is this global distortion, and usually it’s an intensification of a sensation.”

[size=130]Migraine a Sensory Problem[/size]

That sensation could be pain, but it also could be vision, sound, smell and motion. But, according to Rauch, painkillers for migraines won’t help the symptom of vertigo. Patients who have vertigo with migraines can only prevent migraines through lifestyle changes and carefully adjusted medication.

Just as all the other sensitivity during a migraine can be severe, so too can the problems with motion.

“It can be very disabling until it’s brought under control, I really can believe she’s (Jackson) unable to meet her obligations,” said Rauch.

Rauch guessed Jackson would have a particularly challenging time managing her symptoms on tour, since preventing migraines requires a regular sleep, eating and exercise schedules.

But Jackson’s publicist implied that everything was under control.