Floor flying forwards and surroundings rotate

I was walking along, with the vertigo as usual, when i had a sudden feeling that the floor was whizzing forwards and my surroundings were starting to rotate and spin… i have had this when at my worse, and then it was with every step i took, but for a while now i haven’t had it this bad, although i feel the floor rocking 24/7 and see the room moving, this was severe.

I wondered if other people got this? As if you’re suddenly on a swing flying through the air, or something similar?

Would love to know i’m not alone.


Oh gosh, that sounds awful. You have my sympathies:(
I’ve never experienced quite what you have, but something similar when I was at my worst. As well as feeling like I was rocking, I would feel like I was tilting to one side, and at the same time felt like at any minute I was going to go flying sideways across the floor, feet first, as though I was possessed. The floor generally didn’t move, it was me who had the feelings of false motion.
I hope this passes soon for you.


Really sorry to hear this, it sounds horrendous. When I had my worst room-spinning type of vertigo, I always shut my eyes, so I’m not sure how the floor or anything looked then. I was wondering if you have nystagmus and can feel your eyes rotating or jumping? Could that be causing the awful things you are seeing?

My current floor related problems are much milder than yours. I find the floor looks like it is moving (a bit like water moving along a stream) sometimes, when it’s not. It’s usually after I’ve been walking on an uneven surface and then I stand still. But perhaps some of the others can relate more to what you are describing at the moment.

Hope it calms down again very soon, take care.

Thanks guys. Yes beechleef that is what my normal is now - the water floor, which is 24/7 for me… and yes my vision constantly shifts and jumps. This is just a bad couple of days where walking is near impossible again. I can’t work out what has triggered it… but i think this is ‘a migraine’ outside of the usual bass line migraine symptoms… this is my bodys equivalent of a migraine attack… on top of all that!!

Thanks very much. It doesn’t seem many have this too, and i do get worried that i have it more severely than others. Just got to keep on trying i guess! Thanks agIain to both of you for your replies.

HELEN… the flying sideways i would imagine, is quite similar to what i feel. I don’t think i describe it as well as i’d like to! But all i know is suddenly the floor doens’t feel flat and hard! x

WTC, are you still on beta blockers? x

— Begin quote from “Jem”

WTC, are you still on beta blockers? x

— End quote

Yes i am Jem. still at the lowest dose however, 10 in the morning and evening. I’ve realised i think that this symptoms i describe which is still pretty bad today, is me having a ‘migraine’, as i have symptoms 24/7, this is the severe migraine aura of a developed migraine. Boo.

Yeah, last few days have been really rough for me. Lots of spinning and bumping into things, plus the extra fun sensation that the couch is dropping out from beneath me and I feel like I am falling through to the ground. Good times… not.

I feel you! I’m the same! NOT FUN! x

I’m so sorry. I can empathize so much. I have 24/7 rocking but then on top of that I will get times when floor violently drops, etc. it’s just so horrid. As you know, Lyme and coinfections have recently been my diagnosis. but, I can still very much empathize with these sensations. I hope that something helps these symptoms for you. no one deserves this

Thanks Lisa, fingers crossed i have the right diagnosis as i can’t afford the appropriate further tests for lyme. I have spoken to my neuro and she’s confident i have migraine as all these symptoms match up. You’re right though, no one deserves this. Thanks for your kind words, and i hope you’re on the mend? xx