Flu Shot

I always get the flu at this time of the year when the weather is changing in Sydney some days cold, some days hot etc. The flu/sinus/bacteria/viral infection, whatever it is that I have always cranks up my MAV symptoms and I feel awful for many many days until the flu subsides .

I was wondering if anyone on this board has taken a flu shot (a foreign substance) and did it affect your MAV in a negative way? Those who don’t take the flu shot, can you tell me your opinions on whether u think the flu shot will increase my MAV symptoms?

I take them with no effect.

Flu shot helped push me into MAV hell. This is my second chronic episode. The first one was brought on by the flu.

Not saying it will happen to you, but it can bring underlying neurological conditions to the surface, example being the Guillain-Barre Syndrome they warn you about when you go for the shot.

Plus, flu-like symptoms is a big part of my profile. It may be the same for you as well.

I was advised not to get the flu shot and I don’t. Both my dizzy doc and chiro. both said probably not the best idea since I never know how my body will react to things.

I am required to get a flu shot for work in health care or I would lose my job. I always insist on getting the one without the mercury in it. This is an individual shot and not one that is drawn up from a bottle. I go to the Walgreens clinic and get it and my insurance covers it. I would think having the flu with this condition would be the absolute pits. The other nice thing about the mercury free shot is that you don’t get the lump/pain. I was afraid last year (my first time while having the MAV condition) it might do something but I was just fine. It doesn’t have any live virus in the shot so you shouldn’t have symptoms from it. Just make sure you get it when you are well and not fighting a cold, etc.

I usually get the flu shot (with no migraine issues arising) however this year didn’t, as I was away from Australia for most of the flu season. Unfortunately while travelling I got a HORRIBLE flu and it did ramp up migraine symptoms. On return I got hit with ANOTHER awful flu, combined with sinusitis and bronchitis. Again, migraine symptoms ramped up and I’m still fairly wonky.

I’ll definitely be getting the flu shot again next year.

Still getting mixed opinions from you guys. The flu absolutely screws me over and my whole MAV ordeal began with a massive bout of flu. So am really unsure on whether I should take it the flu shot or not. It seems that some of you have no issues with the flu shot whilst others have. Guess I just have to make a decision on my own about this and weigh the odds

Had the flu shot two years running while still bad with mav. No reaction. Didn’t even know it could cause mav to worsen - sometimes ignorance is bliss!

I reckon my whole mav thing started because of a bad chest infection! I’ve been told to take flu jab because of my chest this year. My view is I want to prevent getting ill again like last year and avoid antibiotics which usually comes hand in hand with the flu for my poor chest. I have a big grudge against antibiotics now I think they were a cause in this! Surely trying to prevent getting sick is better for our over sensitive brains?? I hope so but im with nabeel in that I too have doubts on what to do!?

Anti Biotics increase my symptoms. I try and calm my fl by drinking hot water, gulping on thousands of strepsils a day (not sure if that is a good thing), wash my hands with soap as much as possible, trying to train my mind to stop resting my fingers on my lips or nose or throat when I am thinking (which is like the whole day) LOL.

I’ve decided to give the flu shot a miss. One thing I have done is I have stopped consuming soft drinks and other cold drinks and ice cream and sour food esp citric acid (lime and oranges etc) and this has really helped in fighting the flu

It seems so unfair that we can get ill on top of all this mav business :frowning: