Flunarazine v Verapamil or Cymbalta?

I have been given Cymbalta for back pain and was going to start on it hoping it will help the mav, then read Haines page and he says it is inneffective for mav. I am due to see the neurologist on April 9th and was going to suggest verapamil, but Haine writes that it is similar to flunarazine. I took flunarazine years back and managed 4 weeks on it with really bad dizziness and had to stop. Has anyone tried both of these and found verapamil to be better. I am in UK and feel I have to make the suggestions as to what I try with my neuro. I have been able to tolerate the anti depressents more but see only one person on this board taking Cymbalta (Colleen) who I believe is having success. Getting confused. Hoping for some input.

Hi Christine,

Could you take a small dose of both? I am only on 20mg of Cymbalta and have been able to tolerate it pretty well. I know that some on the board take SSRI’s and Verapamil too. I am definitely feeling better since starting the Cymbalta…not 100%, but it’s only been about 3 weeks so I hope I continue to make progress. See what your doctor thinks. Good luck…I know these decisions can be really tough!

Hi Colleen,

Yes, I was thinking along the same lines. I see the neuro on April 9th so will put this to him. See if I can do the verapamil and the cymbalta together, might just be a winning combination, we live in hope! Hope that the cymbalta keeps working for you.

Hi Christine

I have tried Flunarizine, but probably can’t help you that much. I tried it for 4 weeks but couldn’t tolerate the side effects anymore. I was so exhausted and lethargic i couldn’t even shower! It made the dizziness worse for me.

I haven’t used Verapamil and am not actually sure you can use it here in the UK.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Becky, it sounds like you stuck it for the same as me 4 weeks, I was really dizzy on it. Yes, I know, the GPs have refused me verapamil saying its not licenced. I am going to try again at the neurologist, taking some literature with me (not much, I know they hate it) but then in the UK, they are not very good at giving us the right drug or a combination to get us right, so I am going to try, wish me luck!