Fluorescent Lighting

For those in the US who are bothered by fluorescent lighting, the US House is considering a repeal of the ban of incandescent bulbs that is to go in to effect within the next 2 years. That would mean CFL’s in our homes and all our friend’s homes too! So not only would you have to avoid shopping, dining out, schools but now your own home to. If you get migraines & dizziness from fluorescent lighting like I do, PLEASE contact your House rep by going to www.house.gov and typing in your zip code to find their contact info. We need to have options & not be forced to live among fluorescent lighting 24/7!! Please contact them right away while they are considering this new bill.

Am I the only one who is affected by fluorescent lighting? I am shocked… My neurologist says it’s quite common with MAV.

Hi dizzygrl,

What I’m wondering is whether or not the newer long-life fluoro type bulbs are the same as the long office ones? The office ones definitely cause me a lot of troubles. Since moving away from them, my health has improved markedly (only sunlight now). I’ve never noticed any problems with the newer lights I’m now using in the house.


I can’t stand fluorescent lights i have just a few small incandescent lamps in my office. I had stocked up on lightbulbs a while ago but i better get out there and buy a bunch more before they are no longer around. I haven’t tried the new ones for home but maybe they aren’t as bad. the ones in my office - the long tubes flicker - i hate them and they are bright too. my office is like a cave.


Two-three notes on the incandescent ban from a denizen of the electrical industry.

First, the ban will not be absolute; it will just address the most common, low efficiency incandescents. There’s ongoing research to make incandescents more efficient,and also you will be able to buy incandescents that are, for instance, “flame” shape.

Second, most CFLs now run on electronic ballasts operating at very high frequencies, eliminating flicker, a relief for those who are troubled by the flicker.

Third, LEDs and OLEDs are a very different type of light, getting almost as efficient as fluorescents and certianly not on their way out of the market.