Flushed cheeks and blood pressure

I seem to be getting more and more of what I call my virusy heads, those sort of flushed cheeked heads that feel like you are going down with a virus. Feel quite dizzy with them. Does anyone else get these? I actually took my blood pressure the last time I had one and it had gone up to 150 over 95, heart rate 108. When you consider my normal is 115 over 70, heart rate at rest 70, thats quite high, is this just stress or what?


Hi Christine,

Considering what you have gone through lately (read your other post - sorry to hear about your mom), it could very well be. I sometimes get these “rushes” as I call them, but they go away pretty fast, and I don’t think my blood pressure rises that fast. I would recommend you consulting your doctor just in case, as you’ve had other symptoms as well.

Best, Bonnie