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Flutters under ribcage

Hi all, been lurking a while- reading and getting invaluable advice as to how to handle this MAV beast. For the last few days I have been experiencing flutters/ a moving feeling under my left ribcage. It started off as a burning sensation on the right hand side which stopped and has now morphed into flutters on the left!
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?
I’m getting really worried. Ive visited my doctor who thinks it may be muscular but im not so sure.

Hi and welcome. As you probably have already read no doctors on here so we cannot give you a diagnosis. Sounds rather as if your doctor can’t at the moment either which is disappointing for you. Guess it needs more investigation/details. Could it be a drug side effect? Are you on preventatives? Doesn’t sound typical MAV to me. There is nothing comes up under the keywords by using Search. Could it be indigestion? Could it be Anxiety? If it continues best ask for a referral to an appropriate specialist.

Hi The flutters as you describe are I think what I experience as I wake each morning mostly in the chest so much that I first thought it was my heartbeat have been told by doc they are likely muscular. Strangely I did get a sore sort of feeling in the rib cage at some point ,again doc said was likely muscular from tensing due to stress who knows?