Flying with MAV - no problem for me! :)

Hello everyone!
I didn’t travel for 3 years because of my health problems, which was pretty unusual for me as i usually make 1-2 trips to Europe or australia per year.
2 months ago i decided i was too frustrated not to travel and i should take the risk to do it, not knowing how it would go.

Well, i did not get any vertigo on the SIX flights i took in only two weeks, inclyding two 7 hour flights). Yay!!

Just wanted to share that in case some of you are scared to get vertigo on planes.

I had a bit of vertigo during those two weeks, but it never made me have to stay in bed.

I flew a few months ago with no problems either :smiley:

yay! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that information. I have passed up alot of good trips because I was afraid of flying. I guess I won’t know until I try it,right…