Just curious if any of you have any experience with MAV and flying. I’m going to be getting on a plane next Tuesday for the first time since I was diagnosed and I’m wondering (read: nervous) about high-altitude and ear pressure and if that is going to make things worse. This is a work thing, so I can’t really skip out. It’s a short flight, 2 hops… hour and a half for the first and 45 minutes for the second.

Thoughts? Concerns?

We flew to California last month and I had no issues. I did take .25mg of Ativan before the first flight, however, just in case. My right ear is filled with fluid and causing me difficulties, but I didn’t have any pain or problems while flying.

Do you have anxiety with your MAV? If you don’t have a benzo to help with your nerves, maybe you can ask your doctor for one before the flight–lots of people get scripts for meds to handle fear of flying so you should be able to get something.

I have .5 mg tablets of lorazepam… thinking one might be in order before the flight.

I do get anxiety with MAV… very strange as I’ve never had anxiety issues before. Sometimes the anxiety is the worst symptom. Sometimes it is the derealization, which brings the anxiety with it. Most of the time it is just the constant rocking sensation and the brain fog. I have good days and bad days… hoping that I can time the flights on a ‘good day’, but it’s all a crap shoot.


I’ve not flown yet either, but wish you a safe journey and will be very interested to know how you get on, as I need to take a flight later this year. I’m mainly wondering (read: v nervous!) about the pressure changes going up and down. Hope it goes well for you. I know plenty of the others have flown with no problems.

I’m meant to be booking a flight tomorrow to fly to Abu Dhabi on Monday to see my brother and I’m now terrified as I’ve had a massive crash today and can barely function.

I’ve bought those Earplanes to wear which are meant to be really good for your ears.

Good luck x

My ears don’t bug me (for the most part… a little TMJ pain in the area when the migraines are bad, but other than that they are fine), but I’ll look into the earplanes.

I’m hoping for the best. I’m sure my anxiety will be up a little bit as we get closer… god, what happened to me. I used to LOVE flying.

I think its a bit of a mix. When I went to Spain in 2008, I had (and always do) keep my head facing front and pressed against the head rest, looking sideways and talking makes me feel sick as the plane dips. I suck the sweets and the pressure in the ears is fine but I think it must affect the ears as after 8 days in Spain, I got a really bad migraine and a full blown vertigo attack followed which went on for 24 hrs (a lot longer than my usual 6 hrs) and then every vertigo attack I had when I got back went on for a long time (for months) but then eased off.

Having said that, I have been abroad twice since and no problems with ears or vertigo (only short up to 3 hr flights) but have had severe migraines when abroad (probably through sun and doing too much).

I have booked again for the end of May and panic is lurking in the background but am trying not to think about it just yet!


I have a lot of ear troubles, and I flew last month for the first time since getting sick. I was extremely nervous about how I would handle it, but happily I was just fine! I just took my Lorazepam and slept through the flight. My ears did not hurt at all and the tinnitus was only slightly worse the next day.
Good luck!


I was really nervous too about flying since the MAV started especially as I’ve always had problems with the change in air pressure on take off/landing and pain in my ears. However I have flown from the uk to Kenya (9hours) with no problems. I also went to Milan on Monday and I’ve just returned 2 hours ago and still no problem. Long or short flights, it seems to have no effect on the MAV.

I don’t take any special medication before flying but I do try to get all my foreign currency, insurance and packing etc done a few days early. This means I’m not getting stressed or overtired and I have a few days to rest before flying if the MAV gets worse in the few days before I depart.

I hope it goes well for you.


Slightcrazed –

These are quite short flights and think they will have a minimal effect if anything at all. If the drone of the engines annoys you, take some ear plugs and if you’re feeling anxious, a benzo before the flight. The anxiety some experience pre-flight is likely the biggest problem. Longer flights where time zones are involved adds a different level of concern – namely jet lag and sleep being disrupted. These last two are extremely tough on me when flying from Sydney to Toronto.

Good luck … Scott

i am completely terrified to fly but because i love to travel, i don’t want this stupid mav thing to stop me from living my life like it already has. just stay positive, calm, have meds and i’m wondering if the ear patch would do any good? (the one people use on cruises?)

i think for my first flight i’m going to do a shorter one before i do any overseas flights. but thank all for sharing. wow, kenya, milan, australia! love it! i think we need to all meet up for a mav conference!!!

Hi Guys - I flew from Australia to the UK on Wednesday (2 days ago). Had 2mg of valium on the second leg of the flight (22hrs all up plus 2hrs in singapore). Flew in the A380 so a pretty quiet plane, but did use earplugs for sleeping. Arrived 6am thursday morning, a bit wobbly-floored, but no great exacerbation of symptoms. Slept until 12 noon when here, then up all afternoon wandering around in the sunshine. Bed at 9:30 (took 10mg phenergan) , and up now at about 8:30am and feel pretty normal, apart from a little bit tired behind the eyes.

so far so good :smiley:

Well done Gabrielle. So glad you got here without any worsening of symptoms.

Yes the weather here is fantastic at the moment, reached 26c yesterday and no sign of breaking until well into next week.
Hope you have a great time :slight_smile:


Thanks Christine - Oxfordshire is So beautiful this week in the sun with all the green and flowering hedgerows it almost makes me want to move back!!

Ok guys I’ve BOOKED my flight to Abu Dhabi for TOMORROW!!! Yes, I am Last!! But I wanted to be absolutely sure how I was feeling 24 hours beforehand.

My flight is 09:30am and is about 6.5hrs. I’m going alone and to be honest, am pretty scared BUT I want to be with my family and not give in to MAV.

This is the first time I would’ve flown since getting sick and although I think I’ll be ok this airport side and on the plane, my fear is after landing and whether I’m all screwed up and trying to get through Customs and baggage claim etc!!

My ears are really giving me grief (esp left side) and I hate it as there’s no let up. I do have those EarPlanes tho so I hope they’ll help me.

I’m gonna eat Valium like a crack-whore 2moro too!!

Wish me luck people - Lord knows I’m gonna need it.

Peace out xx


Leave Auntie MAV at Gatwick/Heathrow/Stansted and have a lovely time with your bro.

When r u back in Blighty?

D-I x

Geez… I’m anxious enough about 1.5 hours with a short lay-over, I’d be a wreck if it was 6.5 hours. Wishing you all the best (just make sure you save a little valium for the rest of us, kay?) :smiley:

It’s going to be a busy week… I might not be able to post my flight experience until after it is all said and done. Be back home by Friday night.

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Hi Guys - I flew from Australia to the UK on Wednesday (2 days ago) … so far so good :smiley:

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Hey Gabrielle,

Well done! You did it and it wasn’t that bad. How are you coping with the jet lag? Any fallout?


Hey guys!!

I survived!!! Oh my God I was terrified but it all went smoothly, flight was a walk in the park and transit other side was a breeze - I couldn’t believe I was still standing!

When I saw my brother just cried and cried. The last time I saw them was at Christmas and I was so ill I couldn’t do anything. I also upped the Nort last night to 30mgs and today I’m still standing!

Right now I’m so happy. I’ll be here for 4 wks. It’s stinking hot in Abu Dhabi but I don’t care. I’m here and I’m standing!


Love to all x

I made it as well. Landed at around 12:15 Tennessee time - 2 take-off and landings. I was VERY anxious before the first take-off… had visions of myself freaking out just before the take off… but so far the dizziness has stayed away and things seem to be good. It’s a long conference, so we’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Food might be a bit tough - all restaurants and buffets and what-not, but i’m going to be super careful and hopefully adhere to the diet enough to get through.

Cautiously optimistic.