Yep, flying is the most dreaded word in MY dictionary! However, this year is the year of my overdue honeymoon and I want to make it the year I get my life back… And that means flying. Flying to see all the places I keep dreaming about and never getting the courage to fly to. I know I’ve raised the flying issue before but I’m calling out for everyone’s experiences. I hated the sinking and floating feeling I felt in my head during flight. Almost like the sensation in a fast elevator when you reach your floor. Worse on take off and landing (which prompts a panic attack) but also there now and then during flight - esp when it turns. I think it bothers me so much as it reminds me of an attack and I feel it will start the vertigo in flight. What I can’t work out is if in fact they are normal sensations on a flight that my panic makes worse OR if I’m the only one feeling it. I need to take the bull by the horns soon and fly again. I’m exhausted from worrying about my first flight (for 5 years) and can’t hold my husband back anymore either. Last time I took valium and felt the same. Your experiences would be much appreciated!!! Thank you all x

Can you wait a bit until you are stablilised on your meds? I know you want to get on with your life but once you get your dizziness under control on the ground I’m sure your anxiety & panic attacks will lessen & help your anxiety about flying as well. We are only just into the new year so you still have time to work towards your goal. Have you got a special place you’d like to visit? There are some doctors who specialise in helping their patients overcome fears & control panic attacks but personally I think you need to wait until your meds are working for you. My panic attacks are a thing of the past now my migraine is under control.

Do you have a prescritption for valium or something else? I flew last year (but I was feeling well then and only a 2 hour flight), and I had no problems whatsoever. I don’t even think I needed to take anything. If you truly think you are ready to get on that plane, then do it. You may require some meds to get you through though. Can you do something on the plane that may take your mind off things? Sometimes half the battle is trying to relieve our fears and panic in these instances. Maybe you can consider doing a shorter trip?

Thank you both!
Yes, I have until June (that’s when we are planning our honeymoon.) So hopefully my symptoms will be under control then. My panic is directly associated with the vertigo, so hopefully when one goes, so will the other. Although the sensations in flight remind me of vertigo, so it’s like an automatic response!
Last time I took valium , but it didn’t do a lot! I also tried to watch films etc but I couldn’t focus as I was always waiting on edge for the next ‘head drop’ or dizzy sensation!
I’s really like to know of other people feel the sensations on a plane? Maybe that would make me feel better and realise it’s the panic that needs the most work! Xx