Food hacks

Chocolate is a major trigger for me, so I’m looking for inspiration. Which chocolate bars can you still have? I can have maltesers and milky way bars. Basically chocolate bars with a small amount of chocolate, the opposite to dairy milk! Can you think of any more?
Are there any food hacks which you’ve come across?
For example, I’ve recently started eating vegan yogurts and ice cream because they don’t have dairy

For reference, I follow Dr S’s 7 Cs strictly because they’re all appropriate for my experience. I understand some foods may be triggers for some and not others

Hi Louise. Been a long time. Dr S 7 C’s Diet? I’m wrong side of the country for Dr S but I always thought I read it as 6 C’s be interesting to know where the extra one came from. And what it is of course. Helen

Seven C’eas? What’s the seventh one?

Hi, yeah it’s been a while! I’ve been engrossed in motherhood and have a new illness (hemiplegic migraine- stroke symptoms every time!). It’s not technically a C but he put yeast at the bottom of my list, so I just say 7. So things like marmite and fresh bread.

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If you want to go totally choc free then carob might be your friend, it’s caffeine and dairy free and if spread thinly sort of mimics chocolate. Health food shops often have Carob coated raisins and nuts (e.g.Tree of life brand and I think Holland and Barret do own brand). Amisa do carob coated rice cakes. 9 bar do a hemp and seed bar coated in carob. You can buy Carob chips if you want to make your own cookies or cakes.
Tesco do a vegan white chocolate bar only 45p and white buttons too. The Cocoa butter used in white chocolate is caffeine free. I think it’s the cocoa mass/solids in milk and dark chocolate that has caffeine in it.

Hemiplegic migraine sounds like no fun at all, poor you. I hope your meds are working.

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That’s really helpful, thank you! I’ll definitely look into those products.
My consultant is starting from square one again with my medication, so I’m trying out Amitriptyline again. The first time I took it (5 years ago) I expected a cure, which didn’t happen so I went on to try more medications. This time round, I’ve noticed an improvement! I’m also taking pregabalin and pizotifen!


maltesers and milky way bars are my favorite chocolates too!


Eat salted caramel instead of chocolate?

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I used to eat vanilla fudge instead of chocolate, I forgot about that! Will buy some :blush: Although sometimes I just want to sit with a box of chocolates, especially around Christmastime!

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Salted caramel or vanilla fudge?? Oh I don’t think so. Far too much sugar and salt. I love fudge but it’s 90%+ sugar.

Seems odd. Why should it affect ‘migraine’ one might wonder. Gets a mention with Menieres diet restrictions though because salt and sugar affects the bloodflow/pressure and Interestingly enough hormones or lack of them does the same and I’d say that’s more than coincidence.

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