-- question for Scott

Hi, Scott,

You said a while back that you were trying the program at What do you think of it so far? The kid and I have been talking about whether he should do a gluten-free/dairy-free trial during the summer. I’ve thought about signing up for the program at, but I don’t want to unless I know someone can vouch for it.

If you don’t mind sharing your experience, I’d love to hear more.


Hey Mamabear,

To be honest I fell off the wagon after about 7 days. I was dairy free for about a week and then I was at a 2-day conference where all the food was provided – amazing food – and I caved in. Not much of a role model I’m afraid. :oops: But nonetheless, I have cut way back on dairy anyway. I don’t think I feel any difference either way. The migraine continues to wax and wane as per usual and fruit still gives me mouth ulcers. I suppose I have a hard time believing it’s a food intolerance … but I will give it another go soon and stay 100% dairy free for 2 weeks. Nothing coming up to blow it this time.

I ended up buying this gluten free bread from an excellent organic bakery a while back from around the corner. It actually tastes fantastic but guess what? It gave me the most God-awful gut aches I’ve had in a long time. No idea what’s in there causing that but I am better off with regular bread. I don’t eat much bread anyway. Twice a week at most. I live mostly on lean meat and veg these days.

As for the program itself, I think it’s top notch if you want to give it a go. They answer emails immediately and everything they do is science-based.

Let me know if you give it a shot.

Cheers … Scott :slight_smile: