Well, if I’m feeling sick my behavior may affect the people around me.

Most definitely!

Did you mean do we all get the same reaction from eating the ‘banned’ foods?
We’re all different in how we react to meds, food, whatever! So some people may have no reaction, others a slight one & others, maybe a very intense one. It is all trial & error. So, if you are starting on the migraine diet the general advice is to give it three months & then introduce some of the foods & see whether you have any reaction. With the exception of caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, etc.) & alcohol which should be avoided completely.

As for me, although I’m tempted by the gorgeous aroma of coffee brewing at our local cafe & the ‘wondrous’ chocolate pastries on offer a quick flick thro the memory bank (mind blowing head pain, standing on a boat on stormy seas) is enough to bring me back to reality!!