For all the 24/7 dizzies

I see many of you say that this is a 24/7 thing. For those of you that are, can you gain a symptom control that allows you to do your “normal” things…work, drive, etc. Thanks for any and all input!

Hi Jen,

I’ve been very fortunate, in that my 24/7 dizziness has not been severe enough to stop me working, and driving, and visiting the gym, etc. It may not always feel nice, and I can get very tired, etc - but luckily, I seem to be able to get by.
As for symptom control - I’ve been on a fairly strict MAV diet since June 2009, and it’s become a way fo life for me now, although I haven’t been able to identify any particular triggers (except for red wine, perhaps). I still stick to it, just to reduce all those diet-related variables to nothing whilst I judge the effectiveness of any meds I try (currently Topamax @ 50mg per day). I try to keep active (gym, playing football, badminton for VRT, etc) and try not to have late nights.

Hi Jenh,
I’m a 24/7 Maver, many people who are still searching for medications and answers , come to support site such as this one.
Other people who have good controll of their symptoms and can get on with their lives tend to want to forget **this time of their lives **and move on.
So many of us long timers stick around and keep trying to gather the newest infomation and often need a kind ear to listen , as family and friends find it hard to keep listening when there’s nothing they can do to help.

Most of what I’ve learnt over the years have come from this site, medications especialy as many Dr’s Gp’s arent familiar with migraine treatment.
sadly I’m still not much better , I have my good days and then things get worse again, Even though I can do normal things and fake my way through with a smile , that dosnt stop me from coming home sometimes and cry myself to sleep.

Having said that the answer is a BIG YES!
Many many people who use to come to this site have gone on to do "normal " stuff, with the right treatment and diet modifications, getting the right amount of sleep, ect: it can be acheived.
I wish you well on your search for good health.


My symptoms are incapacitating and constant in that I cannot live a normal life.

My symptoms were 24/7 for two years while I was trying to combat it with homeopathic battle…meditation, calming herbal teas, diet, excersize, visualization, hormone therapy, (got all my vitamin and hormone levels checked…tons of blood work), checked my cortisol levels…did chiropractic, accupuncture…energy work (voo-doo lol) saw about 10 doctors…traveled to chicago to see Dr. Hain, a MAV guru…
at the end of the day, the only thing that worked for me is meds. As you can see, I spent a lot of time and money to avoid them, but I did get my life back with these meds. My life is not totally what it was, but I sleep normally again, my visual stuff is about 85-95% better, my headaches stopped completely, my anxiety is under control, and my moods are much more stable.
The down side of the meds…I have severe constipation, (I have to get colonics weekly) I’ve gained about 8 pounds, and I just don’t like the idea of being on meds…it somehow feels wrong to me, but I accept it.

Best to you,

I have 24/7 dizzies but I am able to drive, work, go running and lift weights, and play with my little girls (this is the hardest since it involves constant head turning and yelling).

Throughout the day, I have many times when I am very fearful of falling over. I stand at the ATM and wonder, “Will I fall over?” I stand in line at the coffee shop and wonder, “How long will I have to stand here unbalanced?” When I sit in a chair I feel pulled left and right. Nights are the worst, once I close my eyes I feel like I am in a turbulent plane.

Like other people here, I think that my brain has learned to tune out a lot of incorrect impulses from my bad ear, but a lot of bad inputs still come through to the brain with wrong information about body position.

A lot of the problem is anxiety. I have only actually had two episodes in nine months where I fell down spinning so bad that I could not stand up again and ended up at the hospital, but there have been innumerable other times where I felt on the verge of that. The fear of laying there incapacitated, especially in front of my kids or at work in front of colleagues, is a really crippling fear.

It sucks, but I figure that I have to go out and do things. All my docs (at the Dizzy Clinic in Chicago, my neuro, my ENT, my GP), they all told me, “Go live your life, and if you fall down, you fall down, take a pill and try to sleep it off.” So that is what I am doing.

i guess it could be worse? cancer? death? i’m just thankful to be alive even though it isn’t straight. all the above entries have hit the nail on the head and i seriously do not know what i would have done without this board. knowing that you are not the only one helps a lot!!!

just fake it til you make it, find the meds that work for you even though it might be a long road, and know that there is someone out there that has it way worse, whether it’s a starving child, a burn victim, etc. dizziness is horrible, but have hope and find strength.

I am able to work only part-time and a job that is less stress for me than my previous full-time job i had for 20 years. I can travel, go to movies, small concerts, shopping etc. But if i’m having a couple of bad days i may stay home depending on the severity. The only i know i cannot do and never will is go on a Cruise. No way!


Thnaks for all you responses! I wish everyone the best! I am thinking that attitude plays a role in this omehow, and I am going to try my best to stay POSITIVE!

Yes Im able to live a relatively normal life by ths skin of my teeth right now though. Im in a bad patch I actually have been to work this week but felt like utter hell tbh!! Saying that I get good spells too the last one was two months and I do have 24/7 dizziness but it was mild for two months and now Im in a relapse .
Im amazed at what I can do whilst even in a relapse I out it down to my attitude in one way yes I do cry but inside Im a fighter and wont let this beat me down anymore and take over my life .

Plus I have to work I need the money :lol:

I am woozy, motion-sensitive, with the “motion-sick-in-the-head” feeling all the time, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Most of the time it does not stop me from doing anything (as long as it doesn’t involve turning more than 90 degrees at a time!).

(It did make me give up my copyediting job for a few years, until I got on Strattera, which made me able to concentrate again.)

I work half-time at a very busy library, lots of walking around and lots of head movement, which isn’t comfortable but I just do it and it’s better when i don’t think about it (I’ve had LOTS of practice, as dizzy has been my “normal” since the late 1980s, worse since 1999).

I drive, I can tolerate stores, etc. I learned long ago that any time I feel that I might get really dizzy, lose my balance, etc. I just have to take my mind away from that thought and say “I’m just driving along in my lane here,” or “I’m just getting the groceries here,” etc., learn how NOT to look at the ripples on the lake, how NOT to follow the hairpin curve with your eyes but just “spot” like a ballerina.

You just stay focused on what you’re doing, make adjustments in your activity as needed.

Of course everyone is different. I don’t know how severe your symptoms are. But just plowing ahead (without doing any really provocative head movements) allows me to continue my life. Not without some adjustments, of course.