For the ladies...experiences on the pill

I take a lower dose pill and find it helps symptoms. I tried coming off it twice for upto 5 months at a time but had no improvement.
Do others take it? I guess it’s an individual thing. Raging hormones off it seems to make head worse.

I just started on Loestrin with the hopes that it will help. My biggest problem is that any type of physical activity seems to trigger a migraine or headache. I also just started on 2.5 mg Amdolipine. I think it is helping some. Good luck to you!! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, I ll have to google those tablets.

@mgstegner: yes, I know the effect that any kind of physical activity can trigger symptoms, including “bedroom activities”. I’ve experienced that Vitamin C can be very helpful against that. I like to dissolve 2-3 mg of Vit.C in about half a gallon of water and regularly take sips of it during the day. After a big workout, long hiking trip or the like I take 1mg in a quart of water immediately. Very helpful for me. However, for me it works only dissolved in water or as lozenge. Vit. C pills or capsules somehow don’t have any effect on me.

Oddly enough “bedroom activities” are the only thing that make me feel better and get my mind off this problem :wink: haha

Well, during my worst time I certainly still loved it, but afterwards I was doing a lot worse. Just the same after a run, workout or the like. I assume that besides the physical activity it was also the excitement that added to it. Fortunately this has become a lot better … :wink:

Yeah, but I just find to reassuring to be around someone else and to have the distraction. Exercise helps me to relax as well.

My biggest problem is that it’s hard for anyone to understand this illness unless they have it. My family doesn’t get it! They just think I’m having a nervous breakdown. haha

Anyway I do think I feel worse on days I’ve had a bunch of caffeine and gluten as well as high tyramine foods like nuts and peanuts.

Such a guessing game with foods but gabapentin has helped me quite a bit… It takes a while to titrate up higher on it though I guess. I have never been able to get above 200mg 3x a day…

Hope you’re feeling better today!

Well, we certainly don’t have to discuss the emotional benefits of this … “distraction”.

However, during my worst time I would be on a small rocking boat for an hour and afterwards I kept on rocking and swaying for another 48 hours straight. And, no kidding, this rocking and bouncing sensation in bed for half an hour would do just the very same to me … so, after so many times going through this I really had to focus hard on how much I love my wife to accept this “side effect”.

And yes, you tell me how it is when nobody understands you and thinks you are a hypochondriac or the like … :frowning:

haha Hi Frank,Yes I agree!

I am doing much better today having bumped up the gabapentin to 200mg 3x a day again coupled with 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate and B2 as well. I feel like I can function almost normally with this.

Hope you feel better soon. Try some anti-epileptics if you haven’t! They seem to help the most people…

Liv: agree with what ?

All of what you said. I can relate to your experience and the experiences of almost everyone else on this site. These symptoms are trippy as hell. Thank goodness we live in the modern age of medicine though. Gabapentin is giving me my life back.