For the people doing 6cs diet please help

I am set on doing this diet and i know what the diet is. Its basically cutting out the 6cs but i need a very specific plan. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. For example if you say oats, what specific oat and brand name? Or granloa bar then which one and what brand? I just need a 1 day plan and i can eat that over and over until i figure all this out. Any help would be appreciated. One big question is can you eat white rice? It is a big staple food at my household. Hopefully the food can be found on walmart

wow there. slow down a little. :slight_smile:

it’s fairly straightforward - firstly - no tea or coffee. no beer or wine (or vodka!!!). drink herbal tea instead … or water. Tbh, this is the best part of the diet. Your skin will improve and you will no longer have any hangovers! :slight_smile:

OK that 's 2 covered!

No dairy - I’ve found this ‘fungible’ - try to see if deleting milk and cheese helps - use milk substitute like coconut milk or almond milk, but bear in mind they contain low levels of salt (!). Cheating on this I’ve found no major issues, but its good to generally cut down on dairy.

No MSG - stop having chinese takeaways, but probably best to cut out takeaways in general (that covers pizza too) as they are just sooooo unhealthy.

No chocolate - I’ve found this fungible - small amounts have been ok for me but larger amounts might upset your brain.

No citrus fruit - eat berries instead

There, done!

Rice and oats are fine

Oh and on the subject of salt - I think you should consider reducing salt - I no longer shake on top or add salt to cooking and I don’ t miss it AT ALL. I try not to eat snacks now.

Are eggs ok? Its always on the dairy section on grocery stores but google saids its under a different food group

Experiment. I’ve minimised them, but not cut them out. Don’t get guilty about having the odd one in a restaurant for example. Don’t mess up your relaxing social time worrying too much!

The reality, as shown by the poll is that people generally seem to have a good go at the diet, but very few manage to stick to it religiously:

I am on this diet but i drink beer, that is the best medicine for me, after the first drink all the symptoms stop, until the alcohol leaves my body…

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I’ve noticed it can help with perception of symptoms too. And obviously the social distraction helps.

Unfortunately I have also found that after drinking my tinnitus ramps up to 11 which can be very disconcerting.

Glad for you if you don’t get that - I love my beer!

Some time ago I researched a list of acceptable foods at the supermarket. This may help you. I am in the United States so these are foods from our popular markets. I hope it is helpful. Always check labels as ingredients may change. Usually, you want the purest foods possible with the least amount of additives. So if the label says “Ingredients: Oats” you should be okay. There are just too many choices to list here. Good luck. It is great that you are willing to prepare most of your food at home. This works best. Vertigo Tales and Tastes: (6) Lost and Found - WHAT TO EAT (USA)

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Thank you for that.

Also found this

WOW, this list is great. Thank you for finding it!

Yes that’s awesome - woohooo milk’s back on! :slight_smile:

And this if you dont want to cook

I read a discussion in one of the Facebook groups about eliminating foods and how difficult it is to eliminate so many foods.

One woman said that her doctor suggests just eliminating one food at a time and if that doesn’t seem to have any effect, add that one back in and eliminate another food.

This sounds much easier but if the problem is with “trigger overload” then just eliminating one thing might not be enough to lower the total threshold.


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I have found portions or rationing to be very effective. I eat everything but very limited. Have a bite of the brownie not eat the whole thing. I have switched to Tea as coffee is a no-no and i do half a cup of regular tea.

I think i’m fairly ‘lucky’, in that I can feel the effects of a ‘bad’ food within a few minutes. So I suppose that means I should be able to customise my diet accordingly.

I don’t get migraines anymore though, just ‘brain pain’, ‘brain rumbles’ and eye discomfort when in mixed lighting.

I don’t believe vertigo counts as a migraine and in any case I think that responds to low salt, not migraine diet restrictions.

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In trying to eliminate everything and although spinninggirl’s link was helpful, i still dont have a meal plan for a day. I wouldnt mind eating the same stuff everyday over and over for long term but i need a plan. Just few mins ago, i just had an apple for breakfast

Its been about week and a half since i quit coffee. I drink peppermint tea in the evening

Peppermint tea can get a bit tough on the stomach if you have to much of it, so experiment with a range of herbal tea - camomile and ginger teas are great too. There are so many nice herbal tea’s you’ll hardly miss the black stuff!

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The black stuff is godly. I cheated a month ago and had a good strong cup of joe and paid for it that day. But boy was it worth it :wink:


I do have the celestial sleepytime tea which first ingredient is chamomile and it supposr to help you sleep. But i been anxious to try it since im so worried of what i put in my body. I did take some magnesium 250mg yesterday during the day abd i felt little bit tired but couldnt sleep