For those on Celexa

What time do you take you’re dose? Did it ramp you up at first or make you sleepy? I just got done with my appt. and in additionto my Depakote and verapamil, he thinks celexa would help with my anxiety/ocd and maybe would help MAV. He told me to start at night though because it can make you sleepy. However I was previously on Celexa for maybe a week, I stopped because I had boating a diarrhea that was pretty bad. He would like me to try again, since he said this has less side effects than Zoloft which is what I was previously on also. I think Celexa ramped me up last time though, so I’m afraid to take it at night, I also take my verapamil and depakote at night. I always have a hard time on antidepressants, hoping I could stick with it.


I took it at night for about 2 years and never thought of taking it in the morning. When I finally switched to mornings I stopped having freak out dreams and waking at 2 AM with my heart in my throat. Probably depends on the person.


I took it at night, and had trouble sleeping. I was on 5mg. I stopped taking because it gave me a few side effects. However Im very sensitive.
I know 4 people outside of the forum that take it and love it! As well as all the people on here now. Good luck!
I may try it again myself. :slight_smile:


I take 20mg in four doses spread thru the day. I figure that is the best approach.

Why the 4 doses? It doesn’t have a short half life…I would think am/pm at the most…
Glad it’s helping you!

Thanks everyone, I have been taking it at night and only taking 2.5Mg for now, thinking of going up to 5Mg tonight. It has been knocking me out though, I sleep very good on only 2.5,.I’m a little scared to see how I will sleep on 5Mg lol I have also been having a low grade headache most of the day since I started, hoping that its just a side effect that will go away, I have had a nice break break from the headaches since being on Depakote and Verapamil. It seems like i have already been less dizzy in the mornings, not sure if thats too soon on such a small amount.

For those that had headaches as a side effect, when did they go away?

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Why the 4 doses? It doesn’t have a short half life…I would think am/pm at the most…
Glad it’s helping you!

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Yeah, you are probably right, I should just take two doses.

I am frustrated that I am still a little dizzy, and when I am in bed with eyes closed I still feel movement, not as bad as before but still annoying.

I am on 20mg of Celexa. I may go up slowly to 30mg and see if I can take it. Both Celexa and Lexapro tend to make me clench my teeth and hurt my jaw.

Next in line for me is Zoloft, then Effexor/Cymbalta. I have heard some scary things about Zoloft in terms of people feeling ‘de-reality’ so it scares me, but I know that some people here have been helped by it.

Don’t be scared by anyone else’s experiences with any of it…really, you can just cross that bridge if and when you come to it. THese meds are such a hit/miss with so many variables. Can you add in another med to see if it may help?
I know for me, the phenergen was a BIG help…low dose…made a world of difference. Also, I take the low dose Klonopin…add those to my cymbalta and i’m doing great with it.