For those on medication

For those on medication do you still get dizzy? I’ve been on medicine since February and did really good and now all of a sudden I’ve been struggling with symptoms again, is this normal? is the medicine not working anymore? I’m not sure what’s triggering it…

I guess what you’re asking is, for those who have found relief from medication, if dizziness sometimes reoccurs. Scroll through these forum pages and you’ll find that it’s difficult for many to even find a single medication that brings some relief – and unfortunately, when we do, they at times can stop providing the same level of relief over time. It is possible that you may need to change your dosage. Some people also take more than one medication for better control. What medication are you on/what dosage? How long did it take to help, and how long have you been feeling badly again? The answers will all factor into making a decision about how to proceed.

I have been on Topamax since April. Currently 100 mg for almost two weeks. I still get dizzy. Notice it gets worse if I eat the wrong food. They also found I have vestibular loss in my right ear so could also be from that, so I don’t know exactly what is causing mine. Still tying to figure it out as well.


my dizzy spells are sporatic so hard to say if the meds are working or not…ive been taking amitriptyline for 5wks.I was dizzy today…first time in 4 wks, maybe i am over tired or stressed. that would make sence. try & keep track of your diet & how you feel. I know if i got more sleep id feel alot better…(easier said then done)