For those taking Topamax

Hello all,

Just wanted some opinions. Currently have been having issues again since late January and have been slowing increasing my dose from 100mg to 150mg. I have always taken it at night, was told way back in the beginning that was the best option. Currently at 150mg, have been here about 3 weeks not loving it but maybe a slight improvement. My question is I know some split the dose and take it twice a day, do you find that you have better symptom control. I was thinking since 150mg is a pretty hefty dose maybe I would try taking 50mg in the morning and 100mg in the evening. The 100mg in the evening would be nothing since that’s what I’ve been taking for the past 8 months, it’s the 50mg during the day that concerns me, side effect wise. My MD lets me do my own thing, he actually wrote the perscription as 50mg 3 x a day. It’s what ever works for me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Don’t know if this helps you but I take my 75 to 90mg. split over 3-4 times per day. I spread mine out since topamax has a tendency to make me chilled, and I find that spreading out the dose keeps that side effect to a minimum. So far I’ve never been able to take more than 30mg. at once or I feel a bit impaired and cold.
My neuro only cares that I get as much symptom control as I comfortably can, so I pretty much have experimented with dosing and time of day. I sleep better if I get my last dose in within an hour before bedtime. Hope that helps.

They do get kind of loosey-goosey with Dopamax, don’t they?? :lol:

Get this: I was on 150 mg, but hubby felt I was still a little too “dull” (I could tell I was better than I was at 200, but I didn’t think I was as bad as he thought I was). I got the best symptom control at 200, but he really thought I was a changed person, and I felt the mental slowness too. After being on 150 for awhile, I tried 100 (my prescription is for 1-2 100 mg pills at bedtime). THAT was not good, as the dizziness started to be a significant problem again. So when I told doc about hubby’s input, he said I could alternate: 100 one night, 150 the next, then 100, and so on!

That’s what I’m doing now, and it seems to be working pretty well for me. I guess I’m “averaging” 125 mg.

I don’t know if my info helps either, but I toss it out there for another regimen to consider in the world of Topamax schedules!