For UK residents - a question about medications

Hi All,

I’m preparing my medication arsenal for my 10 week UK jaunt, but I need to pick the brains of you UK folks. Can anyone tell me if the following are available over the counter (ie without a prescription) in the UK (they are here)

  • AU brand name Phenergan (drug name promethazine)
  • periactin ( drug name Cyproheptadine hydrochloride)

I found phenergan at a UK based online chemist site so I’m assuming it’s available over the counter, but if anyone knows I’d be grateful for the info - otherwise I’ll need to get mine here before I go

My carry on luggage is going to be a laptop and a mini-pharmacy :lol:

on unrelated matters…Can you buy melatonin in the UK?

although I just read this The Oxford Textbook of Medicine recommends Diazepam 10mgs or Temazepam 10-20mgs for symptoms of jetlag.

is there nothing valium can’t do ? :lol:


I know you can get the promethazine over the counter. I have some named Sominex (blue and white box). I got mine in either Lloyds Chemist or Boots Chemist (sorry cant remember which, I think it was probably Lloyds.

Not sure about the melatonin and periactin. Hope someone else can help with that.


Hi Gabrielle

The best online resource for finding out what’s available in the UK is

Both phenergan and periactin are known as ‘P’ medicines here, which means you can only buy them in pharmacies, as opposed to supermarkets etc. They are available over the counter but the pharmacist has to ask you a few questions before you buy them.

Melatonin on the other hand is not licensed for sale in pharmacies in the UK at the present time but can be bought over the counter in health food shops.



hope this helps

And we’re having some lovely weather here at the moment so hope it lasts!

Dizzy Izzy

thanks Izzy - I found netdoctor but wasn’t sure how reliable it is

much appreciated. And I’ve got my fingers crossed for the weather too!