Forthcoming journal issue

I don’t know how much if any material will be applicable to MAV, but here’s something interesting over the horizon:

The Journal Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics is
planning a special issue in 2011 on creative and novel interventions in
neurological disorders.

An understanding of the nature of the rehabilitation of the dysfunctioning
brain and nervous system is highly complex. Over the past few decades,
scientists have developed several methods and theories for studying the
functional organization and disorganization of the nervous system, and how
cognitive/perceptual/emotional disorders develop from the brain’s
electro-chemical-computational dynamics and communication ability. The
purpose of this special topic issue is to ask the question: Are we
thinking about rehabilitation sciences correctly? The articles in this
special topic will objectively and critically examine this broad spectrum
of issues related to the development and validation of clinical
applications. Contributors are invited to submit either review articles or
original manuscripts of the theory and practice of novel creative
diagnostic (to test efficacy of treatment) and treatment strategies in the
context of neuro-rehabilitation, across the life span.

We are encouraging authors to express ideas that might be radical,
controversial, or different from established theories or methodological
approaches. Supportive data are highly encouraged. The aim is to spark
discussions about the validity and usefulness of current
methodological/theoretical approaches in human neuroscience applied to
rehabilitation, with the goal of inspiring new approaches and ways of
thinking about neuroplasticity.

Researchers are invited to submit on or before September 1, 2010 by email,
a max. 1 page abstract/outline of work related to the focus of the special
section to the Editor-in-Chief, FNRE (
for consideration as the basis for an expanded treatment for potential
inclusion as an full article in the special topic. Please include a
provisional title, a full author list, and format the subject of your
email as follows: “FNRE-Rehab Special Issue-outline - Your Name.” Authors
will be notified whether their contribution has been accepted by September
15, 2010. The deadline for submission of invited full articles is 2
January, 2011.=


Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad this sort of stuff is going on in the science community. Certainly demonstrates an open mind to new ways of attacking neurological problems.