Found a Cymbalta script 4 fibro? would it work 4 vertigo/mav

ok so i found a script 4 fibro which i got told i have ( i dont think so) im presummimg my mri is ok, and i havent lyme but i think i probably get a test just to rule it out! So i wonder about taking Cymbalta, neuro said try ssri i think this is slightly diffrent but it means i dont have to pay another $200,
any one tried it?does it work on stubborn bad headaches? and chronic 24/7vertigo? (inderal didnt,serc didnt or sandromigran )
how bad are the side effects? can i break it in half its a 30mil?
whats the best way of not getting nausea b/cause i had a lexpro & lasted 2 days a few yrs ago, throwing up,couldnt hold my head up :? thanks u guys!!!

Well, I’ve been on Cymbalta for almost 2 years. It hits both serotonin (Lexapro) and norephinephrine. More or less in equal amounts. It has nausea as a side effect, but it didn’t make me nauseous at all…it comes in a capsule, so I would dump out (and save them in case you need them later) at LEAST half…I started with 20mg and dumped half of those out…take it with food, and take it at night if you can. IF there is any nausea, maybe you will sleep through it. If it causes you to be wired at all, switch to the morning dose, and again, take with food. If you have any benzos, it is always a good idea to have them around when changing up meds…I am now coming down on my Cymbalta and was awake most the night…not necessarily uncomfortable, but just awake…your body needs to adjust. Start low…go slow…it’s been a good one for me.

thanks kelley for reply just wondering i have valuim thats a benzo right? :wink:

Yes Valium (diazepam) is a Benzo… all the ‘pams’ are Benzos