Freaking out big time :(

I got up today I knew it would be bad I felt really heavy headed and back on the boat worse than ever. walking round the house is once again awful I feel like I could get vertigo at anytime.
I lay on the sofa then when I went to get up I was spinning really bad like everything was sliding away from me :frowning: Im so scared its just never going to go away.
What are the chances this is spontaneous mal debarkment ? Ive never had the walking on a boat feeling before but I feel like Im moving/swaying nothing in my surroundings moves.
Im so dizzy again it reminds me of Xmas 2010 when I was really bad like this and went to bed on Xmas day I just keep thinking it went away then but it might not go away this time.
Im wondering whether to come off all the meds and go this alone and see what actually happens to me it cant get any worse. Im so scared Ive been saying I want to commit suicide again I just cant believe this is happening after all these years manging dizziness.
Please help

Aww Donna I wanna give you a hug. Hang on there. I know exactly how you feel, it’s a horrid lonely place but know that other people feel and have felt the same and it can get better. Just take one day at a time at the moment, try not to think too far ahead. I know it will get better than it is now. I never asked Dr S about the ear symptoms, I get some noises and stuff in there which he noted down but I forgot to ask what causes it. If you see him then I am sure he will have answers for a lot if not all of these symptoms and it really helps to understand the reasons. Hang in there, I know what you are going through X

I am totally going through the exact same thing right this minute!!! And I just got divorced and had to go back to work and I work in a somewhat loud environment that I think is making me worse or triggering something and I’m worried I’m gonna lose my job and my house! I have 2 children depending on me and I just got back together with the love of my life (high school boyfriend) and I don’t want to be dizzy!!! I’m in total shock it’s happening again. Same time last year. I wonder if it’s the cold wet weather for me. I felt fine (somewhat I will never feel totally fine again) all year and I’m on a really low dose of Verapamil which I don’t think really helps. I also have hydrops in my right ear so I have to live on a restricted sodium diet as well. Listen, you are not alone. And the subject line of your post describes me perfectly right now. Hang in there. You have people on this site (including me) that are here for you. Me email is if you ever need to use it.


Oh blondie we all know how you feel. I feel the same when my symptoms worsen and I think I am going back twelve months to the beginning of an awful disabling year. I hope you wake up tomorrow and you feel a bit better. Take each day as it comes. Are you still on pizotifen? Feel for you and totally understand as we all do on this site. Angela x

Thanks guys sorry your all suffering too just feel like Im not gonna come out the other side this time and all of it is just exhausting as you know x

Hugs Donna, i’m sorry you feel so poorly :frowning:

Sorry if it’s a bit personal but could you be due your first period since giving birth? That could be making you worse perhaps which could mean that afterwards you could well see some improvement? I hope this is the case.

My dizziness is a lot worse today so i feel your pain, i keep walking into the wall/sideboard, it’s embarrassing and horrible and i too feel like i am being pulled downwards and faint today :confused: It’s raining here also so it could be the weather is not helping us.

When is your next appointment with someone? Can you bring it forward with your new symptoms/feeling worse?

Please keep hoping things will get better, without hope, what do we have? xxxxx

Dee Ive had a period now just ended I dont know whats going on with me symptoms are different and changing all the time.
Ive got a migraine every single day I gather its hormones I spoke to someone who said it takes about 9 months for them to straighten out totally after a baby. I think the weather is doing something too only good thing I can drive and take care of the kids by myself not much choice but cant like go out yet or go my Moms etc I like to be at home when Im like this so I stay in all day just glad its winter so theres an excuse to stay in X
Bet your hormones are wild to at the minute lets hope it all calms down soon for both of us X