Frequently getting MAV

Since December of last year, I have been getting migraines and dizziness, but was not diagnosed til March. I have them no less the twice a week and with everything that come with them. I am so distressed, I just want to hide away from the world. I sit in a chair and start moving in a circle, like getting off a ride that spun really fast, where you walk funny or look like you are drunk.
it happens when I go into stores, stand up, get out of the car, lay down on the bed or even lay on my stomach. I also getting dizzy in you sleep and wake up the the ora and there is nothing I can do.
Does anyone have any suggestion for helping me deal with this? It would greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi and welcome,

For me, identifying triggers and avoiding them, plus prophylactic medication has got things under very good control. Are you taking any meds at the moment?