Fresh mozzarella

Hi all,
I know that fermented cheeses shouldn’t be eaten, but what about fresh mozzarella? That should be okay right?

I think mozerella is ok and I think cream cheese like philly is alright as well. I didn’t eat cheese for about 4 months to see if it made a difference to me, which it didn’t. So I have just started eating cheese again specifically mozerrella and have been fine.


I’ve been told feta is ok - which is good, because I love feta and love cheese in general. I would probably go completely mad if I had to give it up entirely.

Mozzarella and feta are ok? I haven’t noticed anything from feta so far. I have made South American cheese bread, which is mozzarella (queso fresco) and tapioca flour and milk, seem ok after that, too. But both are occasional, so it’s hard to say. Anyhow, I hope this is true!

Haven’t really tried mozarella yet, but have been fine with fresh mozarella, which is a different beast. Also cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, queso fresco, and fresh goat cheese.