Freshly baked bread

On Dr S’s diet he also mentions to stay away from freshly baked bread with high levels of yeast, assuming bread has been left to settle, has anyone actually found bread or yeasty things to be a trigger?

I noticed it one time after consuming a freshly baked donut and soft pretzel at an Amish market. It tasted different than donuts from lets say Dunkin Donuts, where I’ve never had a problem. I thought I was dizzier after the Amish breads as they were a lot fresher, but there were other variables as I actually went into the market and usually get dizzier after going into stores.

I’ve read on migraine sites that if you’re going to eat baked bread it’s good to wait until the day after it’s baked or more to eat it, if it is a trigger for you.

Aisles + florescent lights?

Oh definitely. Any and all of the above store triggers for us. Movement, busy shelves, shiny floors reflecting those lights, pushing a cart that makes noise and has erratic movement, etc.

That sounds severe :frowning: I was good for about 2 weeks after Xmas but then I had my eyes dilated January 5th and I’m back to square one of my baseline (a lot of headaches, weather permitted, some imbalance) I feel. I’ll have to write it up in my thread.

yeah I have a really severe case. I can’t go to stores anymore, this incident was almost a year ago now where I actually felt good enough to walk into a store, maybe Spring 2017. I’m basically apartment bound and highly disabled. I’m sorry that you got worse again. Yes, eye dilation always bothered me but of course it’s worse with the MAV. I hope that doesn’t keep set you back too long!

Thanks Jess. I appreciate it. That does sound truly awful :frowning: and yeah, I was really worried the dilation would set me back and once they did it, even the smallest amount, it started to mess me up. I had to go for a 5-6 hour drive cause I felt nauseous.

Anyone have any idea as to when this scientific breakthrough may occur or be found?

I appear to be sensitive to yeast and not just with freshly baked items. I’m also sensitive to florescent lights and reflective floors. I’ll sometimes even wear sunglasses when shopping. Flickering lights are very bothersome to me too.

Malls and supermarkets are the killer for me, I just put it down to the onslaught of sensory information. It was like that when this first started but I got over it, now since I relapsed, they are the number 1 trigger again!

I also found sunglasses and ear plugs can help you get through it a bit! and you won’t look odd at all :smiley: