Fruit zests

How do folks do with citrus zest (grated peel) as an ingredient? Does it cause problems for anyone? So far, I’ve been avoiding it, but that’s silly to continue if it’s actually safe. How about peels, for that matter? I’d love to be able to make and eat marmalade.

Hi David, I now get on fine with citrus zest, even though I have avoided all citrus for years. I’ve recently started having lemon slices in hot water and on fish and am doing ok with that too. Haven’t tried the peel as such though as in marmalade.


Thanks, Brenda. That sounds a treat.

How long has it been, and did you find either problematic earlier, or had you just not tried?

Not sure about this one David but I reckon orange zest would most likely set off a headache for me. Fruit is one of those things that can trash me one day but not the next.


I only stopped eating citrus when I went on the headache diet about 5 years ago. I had tried eating citrus before, about a year ago but didn’t do so well on it then. Having said that, it may not have been the citrus - as you yourself have said recently it’s hard to call sometimes with so many other triggers around. I was only concentrating on diet back then and now realise that I may have wrongly attributed symptoms to reintroduced food. Anyway, I can now eat citrus, including zest, without any reaction. And I seem to have no problems with other fruit at all, even bananas.


I’m very glad for you, Brenda. What in fact do you have to avoid or go easy on?