So I started a spin class three weeks ago (ha ha) at my local gym and it really helped with my dizziness and silent migraines believe it or not - must be the intense cardio. I felt almost 100% UNTIL about 3 days ago and then everything started again. I dont know what happened! I was doing SO well! The only thing I can think of is a weather shift but it hasnt been that dramatic. I am so frustrated!! :frowning:

Im glad that you felt better after exercising, this is pretty common. Is it possible that you exercised too much?

Same happened to me Cept I was just walking a lot, feeling great then boom Saturday night back to crappy…discouraging…pcp thinks fibro now…really hope not…

I’m with you! Have been suffering since the holidays, waiting this out and it doesn’t seem to be improving. Just when you think things are looking up! Hopefully it won’t last. Keep up what you have been doing if you can! Hang in there!