Full ear

Hi I was just laying on the sofa & when I stood up my ear feels weird like full blocked its freaking me out has this happened to anyone else?


If you freak out when you experience something new, you’ll have less energy–and mental presence–to explore and learn what’s going on. I bet you’ll find that there’s a whole lot that’s strange and unfamiliar and fairly benign. More of that than there is of experiences that are weird-feeling and actually indicate something horrible is happening.

Yep. About 18 months ago I was in another chronic migraine period where the main (and new!) symptoms were ear fullness and episodes of full on rotational vertigo.

As you will read from a lot of my earlier posts, I have wanted to cut off my left ear Van Gogh style… when my head is playing up - my ear goes bananas and hurts where it’s so blocked. The pain is deep inside, not like your typical earache. This symtom I know will stay with me for good. :?

My right ear has moments like that. Well actually they can be more than just moments. Anything from a second or two to weeks of it. And yes, it’s very disconcerting at first but like with a lot of symptoms of VM you sort of get used to it and the freakiness of it subsides. It’s just that very first time that causes such alarm. I’m with Muppo and Van Gogh on this one! Except it’s my right ear!


Yes I am also having ear fullness. A couple times I have woken up in the morning and they both felt like I had pumpkins in them. I have ear pain both sides off and on but it goes away. Sometimes it only hurts when I turn my head in the direction of whichever ear is hurting. Anyone know what causes the ear to feel full?

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Felt my right ear was blocked for months when mav first started and I was convinced something was wrong with my ears. It also felt as though it was full of liquid. Several checks showed no blockage and perfect hearing. In fact my right ear still feels ‘full’ and hearing still super sensitive. Took a while to be convinced that it’s all down to the migraine brain playing one of it’s many tricks! It’s quite an adventure being on the “MAV train” and finding all the weird and sometimes scary things that can happen on the journey! :roll:

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