Gabapentin - Nooooo

So, I posted a few days ago about how taking the antibiotic, Levaquin has ramped up my vertigo. Well, I don’t know what made me do it, but yesterday I revisited the potential side effects for Gabapentin. I started Gabapentin in the middle of Nov. with just 100 mg once a day. I was told to add it in a second time of day after 2 weeks. Well, the weekend I did that was the weekend I had what was likely strep throat. My health went downhill from there - strep, fever, bacterial infection, sinus infection, bronchitis, laryngitis. That was the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m still dealing with lingering issues (including the laryngitis).

Well, until the Levaquin messed up my vertigo, I was actually thinking I felt a bit better on the gabapentin - didn’t seem to be having as much trouble in the halls at school, etc. I was going to ask my neuro about upping the dosage once I got over the respiratory junk and see if I could get my VM well under control. (It’s been 3 long years of being at 80% on good days.)

So… back to the SE list. ARGH!!! According to what I’ve seen about potential side effects for Gabapentin, they include: virus, infection(!) and things such as pneumonia (“common”!), bronchitis, sinusitis, and laryngitis! Nooooooo… I’m thinking it’s safe to say that’s why I’ve been so miserable for 6 weeks now. I’ve never had any respiratory ailments of this magnitude before. And having had laryngitis for 5 weeks straight is crazy. I’m soooo disappointed. It appears the gabapentin, though it seemed like it could really help alongside the verapamil, is going to have to be nixed. Soooo discouraging!