Gabapentin users [Muppo, this might be helpful...]

Hi all,

since I suffer occasionally from atrial fibrilation (irregular heartbeat - sometimes prolonged), I was looking into how potassium levels can potentially affect or influence this. And then I came across this, which whilst I’m not sure how true it is etc, I thought I’d post anyway just in case it’s useful or relevant to any Gabapentin users:

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It did say not to take these supplements (the pharmacist said ANY really) within two hours of taking gabapentin. You shouldn’t take any supplements within two hours of taking gabapentin, especially magnesium and calcium and folic acid. So be aware of that. That really goes for any med. He said the magnesium and calcium bind to the drug reducing its efficiency.

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[Muppo, I know you’re on Gabapentin, and might also be taking magnesium? I was just wondering whether taking these too close together time-wise might be reducing the effectiveness of the Gabapentin, contributing to your recent relapse…? Just a thought…]

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm how interesting!! I think I might’ve read that somewhere too! It also said about antacids and Gabapentin that they shouldnt be taken together. I will start spacing mine apart a bit more!

Thanks Tony!

Hi Muppo,
you’re welcome! I so hope that things have started to improve for you following your recent relapse - take care,

P.S. I think I mentioned in your ‘relpase’ thread that I’m now on 2400mg Gabapentin, so given the absence of any advice from Dr. S (who I’m also seeing) perhaps you could unofficially try an increase in the Gabapentin from the 1600mg you’re currently on (?) to see whether you can gain an improvement…?