General anesthesic? Operation

Just some advice really I’m having a tummy tuck and hernia repair within the next six months and have to be put under. I am dreading this im having to pay privately for this op as the nhs don’t have the funding.
I really need it done though as my tummy is making very unhappy I just wondered if anyone has had a general with this? A tummy tuck is a big op and a long recovery about one week of lying down.
Can anyone help me and how will I feel after the op dizzy wise?

I can’t really help about the operation but good luck Donna. It sounds quite a big deal & can’t believe the NHS won’t fund that!!

Hope it doesn’t affect your symptoms in any way xx

I know Jem it’s in a mess my stomach muscles have separated a the way down and have a hernia the only fix is surgery it’s costing 4500 to get done ive got a consultation tomorrow at the Harley. I wish I didn’t have to have the operation but my stomach is deformed and I can’t lift heavy things etc as the hernia could get worse.
I don’t know what being put under is like ive never had an operation before :confused:

Hi Donna, I don’t know anything about the sort of operation you’re having but a few years back I had a total hysterectomy. Obviously that included a general anaesthetic but I have to say I was surprised at how well I survived it! No real vertigo at all! I think sometimes, although worry is understandable, we end up torturing ourselves about something that may never happen. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. :smiley:


Thank you Brenda that is reassuring I think my worst fear is waking up spinning or something :confused:

I had a sinus operation a while back and had a general anaesthetic. I, like you, was worried about waking up feeling terrible and very dizzy. I actually came to feeling fine and less dizzy than normal ( which was very strange) . Hopefully the same will apply to you.

Good luck!!

Anne xx

I had a different operation, but as far as the general anesthesia went, it didn’t make my MAV worse. There was a period when I first woke up of feeling very dizzy, but that is normal for anyone put under to have that as a side effect upon waking up. Once the drugs wore off, I was no worse for the wear. I have had surgery both before and after the MAV hit, and I will say that I felt more nauseous the second time around, but they have a LOT of drugs for that :smiley:

I just wanted to add/ update, that I was also really worried about the effect of the general anaesthetic on my MAV when I needed an op recently. But, like others, it did not make it worse at all. The only weirdness I felt was withdrawal from the drugs I think, but defo not MAV. Phew!

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