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Hello👋 I have recently been diagnosed with migraine with brainstem aura and ocular migraines.
I suffer from almost constant vertigo (it’s not always a “spinning” motion so I like to use the term perpetual motion) visual aura, tinnitus/fullness/pressure and phonophobia are my chief complaints.
I am currently on Topamax and it seems to help, I’ve went from 3-4 big (3 day) episodes/month to 1-2 (1-2 day). The only side effect I’ve noticed is hair thinning.
I am scheduled for my balance test and comparative MRI soon so I hope to have more answers after that. I believe I have vestibular migraines, but the neurologist wouldn’t diagnose without ENT. Fingers crossed.
I wish you all healthy days! Thanks for reading and see you on the boards​:metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome to the thunderdome @Stizzy! I’m sorry to meet you here and glad you’re here at the same time :upside_down_face:


Welcome Stizzy!! The wobbly crew are happy to have you.


Thanks for the welcome! I’m reading everything I can as I’m not up to snuff on terminology (ie: phonophobia should actually be hyperacusis as it’s the droning noise of fans, low voices, computers etc that get me “drunk”)
I hate to say I’m glad to read that other people feel like balloons floating away…I questioned the validity of my neurologist degrees when he diagnosed me🙈
I hope to get to know yall…the reading goes slow because… migraines…duh🤷

Take your time. Move at a pace you can handle. MAV is a marathon. You have time. And, there’s no test - we’re too foggy anyway.

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