Gerhard -- Flunarizine

Welcome to mvertigo Gerhard.

Your symptoms definitely sound very much like migraine associated vertigo – particularly the light sensitivity which is a dead give away with this.

I ran a search here for you on Flunarizine to check out. It’s not commonly used and has a rather unfortunate long half life of some 18 days. Side effects can include suicidal thoughts. The plus is that there are some clinical trials on this stuff showing efficacy. It’s usually not a first line approach.


Best … Scott

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the info.Also a bit worried about the suicidal stuff as I have been suffering from depression.Most probably due to fact that I feel bad all day long.Will monitor and let you know.



My friend took this stuff and got her life back, but it caused her some real bad depression before she got there. It took her 6 months before she was well. She used to have drop attacks, really bad vertigo and extreme exhaustion before she was on this drug. Now she swims underwater, can walk for miles. She used to have such bad balance problems she could hardly stand. I was given this stuff from Queens London, I was too dizzy on it, but it worked really well for her.


Hi Gerhard,

My wife had a nasty experience with flunarizine. After several years of trying different things with no improvement; she was given a 10 mg daily dose of flunarizine. With that dose, she improved a lot. The vertigo and strong migraine attacks stopped. But suddenly she started feeling very depressed.
It took her several months to recover. She had to take an anti depressant and the flunarizine dose had to be reduced to 5 mg 3 times per week only.
She has been on that medication for more than one year now. She has overcome the depression which was mostly associated to the medicine. However it is important to mention that these type chronic illnesses do require some psychological support. They are very disabling and the person feels very lonely. Therapy helped my wife a lot. She had lost her confidence and she felt she could not look after the children any more. As her husband I have been very worried.
It is not a bad medicine. It can certainly help but be careful with the dose. It might be better to start with a low one and check.
All the best