Gets worse as the day goes on

Hello all,

I have been constantly dizzy for a few weeks now. I feel okay when I get up, but by the afternoon I always feel awful and feel bad all afternoon.
Any ideas why?

I have no explanation, but I’m the same way. If I could only feel the way I feel around 10 am all day long, I’d be happy!

I’m the same way! Feel good in the morning and then by 3:00 or so the migraine hits. Not sure why - maybe the body getting tired?

I have very unpredictable stuff. Every day seems different but this time of year with the pollen i feel horrible in the morning and then off and on all day long. I can feel good for a couple hours and then wham i’m a mess again. So strange isn’t it?


Okay, well lets see, I am different everyday but I would have to say a BIG percentage I feel good for like the first hour or two and then it seem slike it slowly gets worse throughout the day, the more that I try to get done! I also do have morning where I wake up very dizzy, hardly able to walk and then gets better so who the heck knows! LOL

Me too (when I was chronic, not now). I’d actually be ‘normal’ for the first 10 minutes or so and then bam, it would all start up, usually getting worse and worse throughout the day. Don’t know why. Maybe the brain is like a bucket and being awake is like a dripping tap, filling it up…?


I’m the same … Fine all morning, then by lunchtime I can feel it starting and by evening I’m a wreck.

New to this site and so happy to see it. Upon questioning Dr. Baloh about this very issue and why I had it every single day, I was told the following: My biggest trigger is movement - so as I move within my environment, or my environment moves more around me, the greater effect I feel. I’d be fine early and get to work just fine (16 years ago) but by noon would have to be driven home. Your eyes take in a lot of info all the time and along with moving around, etc., it’s almost like an overload. :frowning:

This is my experience as well, at least for the last two weeks (I’d been feeling more or less fine for months before that). Motion is definitely a trigger for me too. Not all kinds of motion though, driving is not a problem for me. I get woozy-headed when I turn around quickly, as if my head was full of water. I call it “motion trails”, a little like visual trails from certain, errmmm, drugs (no, I haven’t taken any of those in decades)… but vestibular instead of visual. Work is the worst since I teach at a blackboard. Also I’m starting to get sensitive to up and down motions and late in the day (like, now) I often have to sit very still so as not to feel every little motion of my head amplified a dozenfold.

This is complete hell. I wish there was a cure for it.

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I have been constantly dizzy for a few weeks now. I feel okay when I get up, but by the afternoon I always feel awful and feel bad all afternoon.
Any ideas why?

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I’d say it’s because as the day progresses and with more sensory input, your brain goes under and your symptoms are triggered. Recall what Steve Rauch wrote tw days back:

“Balance differs from all other senses in that all the other senses depend on only a single “flavour” of sensory input, while balance depends upon integration of multiple sensory channels (labyrinth, vision, somatosensory, etc). Since migraine screws up the calibration of sensory signal processing, sensory integration is deranged. I believe this is best operational definition of the balance disturbances seen in MAV – a disturbance of sensory integration.”

Hope that helps to make some sense out of this.

Best … Scott 8)

That sounds like a really good description Scott. But I think maybe it can involve all the senses or it can only involve one. I think with me it is mostly that my vestibular system is hypersensitive - I don’t think my other senses are messed up so much, maybe not at all. I just feel every little movement in certain planes - mostly roll and pitch motions, but yaws too if they’re quick enough. And they leave my brain, as you say, struggling to integrate that amplified vestibular signal with the rest of my visual and somatic input that’s merely normal, and so doesn’t quite fit.

it was useful reading this post, as I hava a similar experience. for the first 10 minutes or so of the day, my disequlibrium is not as severe and then kicks in much worse. Interestingly, though, my other symptoms seem worse earlier in the day (sedation, whirly head/spinning in the head, etc). The explanations above make a lot of sense. thanks