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Getting a wheelchair

Thank you :blush: I got a cold a month ago which always makes me 100x worse, but the cold has gone and the MAV hasn’t gone back to normal. My right ear pops five times a day now which is weird!

Thank you for your support :blush: Life with a 21/22 month old and MAV is not easy is it?!

There’s your answer. The cold pushed your tolerance levels over the Threshold. Always does me. Or stuffy nose from hay fever is another one.

Well if that doesn’t knock your balance to pot, nothing will! Helen


Definitely. My main concern is that it’s not fair on my son, having to stay home 24/7 when I have a set back. Hopefully the wheelchair would come in handy when I really need it, or when travelling far. This illness sucks, you never know when a set back is round the corner. It wasn’t as bad before I had my son, because I could rest and didn’t need to go anywhere if I relapsed

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Besides it does you good to be out in the world. Don’t want agoraphobia! And it should help with visual issues. Anybody housebound with any illness finds outdoors very challenging later. Just not being used to the spaciness of it all. MAV must be terrible with a little one. Helen


What do you mean by compensate - or what are you compensating for? How does walking help compensate for vestibular migraine? Is it on a neurological level?

Compensation is your brain relearning how to function normally.


Yes, compensation is when the brain gets back to a state where its multitude of sensory inputs correlate with what it has learned. If there has been a change in the vestibular system, it’s the brain catching up with that change so it is no longer surprised. Lack of compensation is what causes a lot of the odd sensations we experience during MAV. Why things go out of kilter (loss of system balance or homeostasis) is a subject of debate.


I would encourage you to look into antiviral treatment, for me it was life changing experience, I was so desperate that I took matters into my hands and found Dr Gacek in Boston, I flew there and he is very familiar with recurring vertigo, after a continuous 2 months of antiviralsI am myself again! I get some migraines once in a while but the dizziness is gone! It cant harm you to give it a try???


Using a wheelchair is better than not getting out at all. Do what you need to get out of the house as much as possible. Being outside, hearing noises and seeing random motion will do a lot to help your vestibular system, more than you can realize.


I’ll definitely look into this, thanks! I’m in the UK though so will ask my consultant down in London

Thank you :blush: