Getting logged out

Sometimes when I’ve logged in I go to “submit” and find I’ve been logged out, so have to log in again and write it all again. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Quite prepared to hear it’s just me - I’m a bit of a technophobe, well, techno incompetent at least… :lol:


I don’t know why it happens (some browsers seem more susceptible to this sort of thing than others, but I think some forums are programmed to log you out after a while of “inactivity”), but I’ve come to expect it on most forums, so what I do is select the text and “copy” it right before I hit Submit. That way, if it tells me I’m not logged in, I can just “paste” it right back in.

Sounds more like a bug than anything, but the copy tip is good. :slight_smile:
Generally, forums log you out after a period of session inactivity (which is most likely way higher than the time it takes to write a post), unless you check “keep me logged in” in which case it should stay for a long time (forever?). I’ve logged in to mvertigo perhaps… 4-5 times? since I got here late 2007.

Hi Vic,

There shold be no problem if you follow what Tran said to do. However, if you start typing a post and then leave it for a very long time, it does require having to go back to the board index and then start again. Just “select all” and copy the text before you redo it again as George points out. I do that everywhere these days (especially Facebook).

Scott 8)