Getting my ass kicked for 3 weeks

Don’t know which board to vent on…usually I’m at been suspecting migraine for a long time.Have an appointment finally with a neurologist on Monday,I really hope he knows about mav.
It is reassuring this morning to read that my symptoms look pretty typical and common.The strange thing is they keep changing,new ones coming up.Where as before when menieres looked like the cause,I had much more vertigo and tinnnius.

The past few weeks I have been having lots of visual problems and tons of nausea,actually being dizzy and vomiting for around 5 hours the first week.My irritability levels have gone through the roof,thank God my partner is patient.
Yesterday over did it of course and ate every trigger in the book,in retrospect.I haven’t really noticed food triggers until yesterday.Was in a store and got hit with panic attack type feelings.We made it home,ate food which was probably a trigger and then got hit with a rush type feeling and then the nausea and light sensitivity hit when I was in front of the computer.
Weird visual things going on.Feels a bit like you are going nuts,if you know what I mean.The colors on the tv are too intense.
Today so far so good.
I am taking Verapamil and Beta Serc,have been mega dosing on Vit.C do you think that could be a factor in all this?
Am also coming off a 2 year job related stress period.Have read that things happen more sometimes when a stressful event is over.But does it usually go on for 3 weeks?
Running out of patience in Sweden.

Try to get a medication that desensitizes the stork in receptor 5ht3. Meds like zofran ate called antiemetics… They work on the nausea stuff… Usually given chemo patients or even used in morning sickness for women… Google that receptor and it will tell you more. Pizotofin a med that works on that… Might be worth a try.

Thanks Kelley,
I will ask the neuro about it,the nausea is a new thing and I hope soon to be old thing.
I will check out what you suggested.