Getting ready to start Effexor, has it helped any of you?

So bc the fluid reduction did not instantly work I’m going to move forward with meds. I took Cymbalta for about 2 months and got off it bc I didn’t like some of the side effects and I didn’t think it was really helping that much. So I’ve been struggling trying to figure out if I give the Cymbalta another go or try the Effexor.
I took my first does of Effexor today. Not feeling so hot, really sleepy but I know that will eventually wear off. So my question is statistically, as far as SSNI’s go, did I make the right choice? Has it really helped anyone? There has to be a reason Dr. Hain loves it so much.
I know all about the risks of withdraw and Brand vs. Generic and I’ve weighted those options and obviously decided to give the Effexor a shot. I just would like to know if it really helps.


I’m interested as well as I spent about two weeks deciding between cymbalta and Effexor…I ultimately chose cymbalta and need to go pick it up. But now I see you tried it and it didn’t do much maybe I made the wrong choice? What se did you have from cymbalta? I will be taking it as much for the anxiety and depression that goes along with this, and if it helps the imbalance that will be a bonus! So I guess I decided against Effexor bc it seems even tho there is so much talk about it , it doesn’t seem like there’s tons of success either? What dose are you starting at? I plan to start at about 10mg of cymbalta.
I hope you get some relief soon! I finally decided if nothing else I need an anti depressant bc im miserable!

Hey PharmGirl, still not sure if I made the right choice. I would like to know if people really get relief from it.
Cymbalta made me very wired at first. It also made my appetite insane and gave me headaches. It never really seemed to help anxiety, just made it worse. My Neuro tried to up me on it several times as I could never go above 30mg’s and you need to be at 60mgs to get the real effects.

So I’m still kind of in the same boat as you. The anxiety and depression of this has really gotten to me too.

Hey Girls!
I am on Effexor 75mg XR. I know it has helped me feel better emotionally, but I can’t really say about Migraine wise. I am on 3 daily preventatives, and all I can say for sure is that my days are about 90%. I could not function without these meds.
The trick with Effexor though, is to make sure its the real thing, not the generic.


Thanks Pam, what are your other 2 preventatives?

best of luck with the effexor. I am hopeful that there are many who got well on it, but aren’t posting. I agree - must be a reason Hain uses it.
What dose did you start on?

Hey Lisa, 37.5 mg’s I believe. So far it’s made me feel not so great but I’m going to push through it. I’ve really struggled with the decision but I feel like I’ve got to give it a good try.

Were you able to get brand? That is biggest reason I chose cymbalta too is bc my doctor would want me to take generic.
I just picked up my cymbalta…scared to take it though! Not sure in ready to feel worse for a while!
I hope the Effexor works for you!

All the best on the Effexor. I know dr hain starts people on 1/3 of 37.5, so if
It becomes tough to tolerate you can always go slower. Although I’m sure your eager to get to therapeutic dose asap

Well, after taking Effexor for the past 2 days and having two of the worst migraines I’ve ever had starting about 30 minutes after I took the Effexor I’ve decided it’s NOT for me.
I’m going back to Cymbalta. Problem solved.

best of luck with the switch. So sorry about the migraines.

Effexor did not work for me. I stuck out the trial , but it made me feel worse : (
Getting off of it was difficult for me also. It took about 3-4 weeks to return to my “normal dizzy”

Thanks Lisa and Sara. Actually Dr. Gray does not want me to take the Cymbalta right now either. She wants me to give my brain a break and give it some time to react to the pressure reduction. She thinks it needs some time to calm down. Makes sense to me and since none of the meds have really helped me much I’m ok with that for now.

so, you decided not to take it? I think that makes sense right now, as if you throw in 2 variables(med and CSF reduction) you won’t know which one is helping/hurting. Just my opinion, but I completely understand you wanting to take it ASAP as well. whatever you decide very best of luck

I just read this after sending the pm…I am glad you are taking a break. I know you are so desperate to feel better.

I could not tolerate Effexor either…

effexor will be my next drug and i am really scared about all the early side effects. my mom didn’t do well on it so i’m guessing i’m not going to either since genetics do play a role in this stuff? i’ve only tried lexapro and that didn’t help with the rockiness so on to the next…