Getting sick brings on migraine

Hi guys,

Well, now at 150mg of Prothiaden I’m between 95 - 100% most days. Occasional zaps of vertigo or anxiety but basically good. The little zaps make me think the Prothiaden is actually working, i.e. suppressing/controlling the migraine but really - it’s so hard to say - so many other variables and migraine so weird. But I digress.

A few days ago, a couple of weeks after having a cold, I woke up with both ears completely blocked. Hearing was muffled and ears a bit painful. Went to the doctor who said likely sinus or eustachian tubes inflammed as a result of the cold and nothing to be done but wait it out and try and rest. I was a bit nervous that my wonky ear muddled balance might bring on vertigo and, wouldn’t you know it two days later (i.e. Good Friday) all hell broke loose. No vertigo but in every other way 0-10 migraine hell. Terrible derealisation (felt like the world was fading away and I’d die), shaky, jittery, feeling like I wanted to throw up, tinnitus, full on brain fog, poor co-ordination and confusion and feeling all over very very sick. I was freaking out, not just because I felt so bloody awful but because previously this type of migraine (i.e. not the aura kind) have gone on for WEEKS at a time, leaving me housebound.

Anyway, the good news is that I took a valium and went to bed and then woke up yesterday pretty much back to normal. Ears still dodgy but no migraine. THANK GOD.

So the point of this story is that I have found quite a few times now that if I’m sick with something else (eg flu, gastro), it will often trigger migraine activity. I wonder how many others of you are the same?


Hi Vic,

Getting sick definitely drops me into the hole but not on the scale you describe. To do that, I usually do it to myself by missing out on sleep or through jet lag etc. As you know I’m in a great big disaster right now as of Saturday afternoon. Two nights on the trot with 2-3 hours sleep, and 5 G&Ts on Thursday night has destroyed what was a great long run of near perfect days. Yesterday and this morn I had derealisation, headache, blurred vision, anxiety and disorientation like you described. A big fat MAV attack. This one is looking like a 72 hour deal. I’m praying to Gods past and present that the pain-free bliss I had after dumping Paxil will return tomorrow.

Glad you’re feeling better … Scott