Getting worse? Need advice!

Long story short, I’ve been suffering from some form of “vestibular disorder” since 1/31/14. It didn’t start with spinning vertigo (although I have a history of BPPV with spinning), but rather with the world around me looking as though it were shifting and rocking slightly. That has been my main symptom 24/7, along with intermittent light sensitivity, ear pain & pressure, sinus/head pressure. I always feel better when I’m moving, the dizziness bothers me most when I’m still. I recently read Heal your Headache and believe I may have MAV. This is my second week following the diet and I have actually been feeling better!!

However, this morning I woke up with spinning vertigo!! I bent down to feed my cats and when I got up the spinning started. It lasted a few seconds and then left me feeling “off”. I tried laying down but that made it come back. I’m stuck now just sitting upright in my recliner. If I move my head around too much, it bothers me. I also got very nauseous and almost threw up, which never happened before.

Is this normal for someone to NOT have spinning with MAV for 6 months and then all of a sudden get what appears to be positional vertigo?? I am a day away from my menstrual cycle and I always feel worse around that time of the month (or anytime the pressure changes outside), but never this bad. Please tell me MAV doesn’t get worse!??


I forgot to add that I went to an ENT in March and was diagnosed through a caloric test with a 28% “weakness” of the right ear, but they’re not sure why. They originally diagnosed me with uncompensated labyrinthitis and I’ve been in vestibular therapy since March.


It does sound like it’s very likely you have MAV, and by looking through the forum you will notice that your symptoms are similar to other sufferers on here. In regards to your sudden spinning vertigo attack, yes, MAV symptoms can change over time and this is another indication that you have MAV rather than ‘uncompensated labyrinthitis’ because migraine is known for changing in symptoms and severity over time. I would recommend talking to a doctor about MAV, ideally one who is knowledgeable about it, a neuro-otologist if possible so that they can give you a treatment plan (VRT can be helpful but you will need to have your symptoms under control first, otherwise it can make it worse).


Thank you so much for the reply, Bella! Ugh, I had no idea things could change for the worse. :frowning: I was hoping I would just keep getting better. I mean, I know I have good days and bad days, but not worse days until today. The vestibular therapy actually seemed to really be helping me. My symptoms decreased dramatically over the past several months. I have my appointment tomorrow but I’m sure with this new development, I won’t be doing much except coming up with a new treatment plan. The ENT I’ve been seeing didn’t even mention MAV to me. A few kind women from another dizzy forum mentioned I might have it and after looking into it, it really sounded like my diagnosis! I guess I will be on the hunt for a new doc.